Auditor Roles in Government Performance Measurement: A Guide to Exemplary Practices at the Local State and Provincial Levels

  • Item No. : 5056
  • ISBN : 0-89413-534-1
  • Publisher : The IIA Research Foundation
  • Publish Date : 2004
  • Authors : Paul D. Epstein
    Stuart S. Grifel, CIA, CGAP
    Stephen L. Morgan, CIA, CGAP, CGFM, CFE
  • Media : Paperback
  • Page count : 179
  • Dimensions : 8.5 x 11
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  • Non-Member Price : $65.00

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  • This guide provides a wealth of resources for government auditors interested in helping the entities they serve improve performance measurement, performance management, and accountability for results.

    Learn how to improve measurement, management, and accountability of your entity.

    This research report includes:
    • An experience-derived framework of roles and practices you can implement to add value to the performance measurement and management of your organization.
    • The principles, criteria, and audit steps you should follow in these practices.
    • Details on major audit products, including citizen surveys and public performance reports.
    • Four case studies providing professional insight in the evolution of these practices and the profession. 
    The guide provides an experience-derived framework of roles and practices auditors can perform to add value to performance measurement and management in their entities, and descriptions of how auditors from across North America have been doing just that.