COBIT® 4.1

  • Item No. : 6023.1
  • ISBN : 1-933284-72-2
  • Publisher : Information Systems Audit and Control Association
  • Publish Date : 2007
  • Authors : IT Governance Institute
  • Media : Spiral-bound Paperback
  • Page count : 196
  • Dimensions : 9.5 x 11.75
  • Member Price : $190.00
  • Non-Member Price : $200.00

COBIT 4.1 is an update to the globally accepted framework that ensures that IT is aligned with business goals, its resources are used responsibly, and its risks are managed appropriately. It represents a fine-tuning of the COBIT 4.0 framework and can be used to enhance work already performed based on earlier versions of COBIT. COBIT 4.1 includes guidance for boards of directors and all levels of management. 

The updates in COBIT 4.1 include enhanced performance measurement, improved control objectives and better alignment of business and IT goals.  It will also feature an improved explanation of goals and metrics. Application controls have been reworked to be more effective, based on work to support financial controls effectiveness assessment and reporting.
It contains four sections:
  • The executive overview.
  • The framework.
  • The core content (IT process description, control objectives, management guidelines, and maturity models)
  • Appendices (mappings, cross-references and a glossary).
The core content is divided according to the 34 IT processes. Each process is covered in four sections of approximately one page each, combining to give a complete picture of how to control, manage, and measure the process. The four sections for each process, in order, are:
  • The IT process description, which summarizes process goals, metrics, and practices, and presents a mapping of the process to the process domains, information criteria, and IT resources.
  • The control objectives for the process.
  • Management guidelines: the process inputs and outputs, a RACI (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted and/or Informed) chart, goals, and metrics.
  • The maturity model for the process.
A reference card is included that contains the main reference diagrams from the COBIT 4.1 publication, including the domain/process overview diagram; the process mapping tables; business goals/IT goals/IT processes tables; relationship among processes, goals and metrics; and the COBIT products schematic.
COBIT 4.1 does not invalidate work done with COBIT 4.0 or COBIT 3rd Edition, but provides the opportunity to build on that work and further improve IT governance and control arrangements, where appropriate.