Control Self-Assessment: A Practical Guide - Download PDF

  • Item No. : 1167.dl
  • ISBN : 0-89413-441-8
  • Publisher : The IIA Research Foundation
  • Publish Date : 2000
  • Authors : Larry Hubbard
  • Media : Download
  • Page count : 105
  • Dimensions : 8.5 x 11
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This valuable resource is a virtual road map to control self-assessment (CSA). Whether you're new to the CSA process, preparing for the Certification in Control Self-Assessment (CCSA) exam, or currently a CCSA, this compilation of best practices will help steer you in the right direction.

As a novice along the self-assessment journey, you will learn communication skills, implementation strategies, workshop facilitation techniques, and reporting CSA results. If you are preparing for the exam, this guide will take you through the six domains of the CCSA. Even experienced CCSAs will discover this is the ideal reference guide for CSA. Control Self-Assessment: A Practical Guide is sure to rapidly become the acknowledged guide through the CSA process.