Employment-Labor Law Audit™ (ELLA®)

  • Item No. : 6052
  • ISBN : 9780977140619
  • Publisher : Laurdan Associates, Inc.
  • Publish Date : 2009
  • Authors : Ronald L. Adler
    Francis (Tom) Coleman, Esq.
  • Media : Binder, 3- or 5 Ring
  • Page count : 990
  • Member Price : $225.00
  • Non-Member Price : $225.00

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The ninth edition of ELLA®, the nation’s leading HR auditing and employment practices liability risk assessment tool and process, is designed to help you:

  • Align HR management with organizational objectives
  • Measure the impact and results of HR activities
  • Enhance the ROI of your human capital
  • Increase compliance
  • Assist in performing HR due diligence
  • Reduce your exposure to employment related liabilities through the use of effective employment practices risk management

Further the ninth edition of ELLA® strengthens your HR management practices, enhances the value of your human capital, and reduces your exposure to employment related liabilities by integrating the evaluation of strategic, operational, and transactional HR issues with an HR audit process that evaluates internal controls and assesses HR risk management.


More than just a checklist of things to do or things to avoid, ELLA® integrates the five critical components of HR auditing into the ELLA® HR auditing process.

1.    Activities

2.    Behaviors

3.    Risks

4.    Internal Controls

5.    Outcomes


Additionally, to enhance your HR auditing capabilities, the ninth edition of ELLA® includes:


1) An increased emphasis and use of human capital measurements and HR metrics.


2) The ELLA HR Auditing Worksheet™, an HR auditing tool designed to help you develop an HR audit plan of action.


3) ELLA HR Audit Maps™, an HR auditing tool designed to help you identify and pinpoint key issues important to your organization. ELLA HR Audit Maps ™ help you assess the relative importance of these key issues and help you prioritize your response.