Financial Shenanigans: How to Detect Accounting Gimmicks and Fraud in Financial Reports

  • Item No. : 471
  • ISBN : 0-07-138626-2
  • Publisher : McGraw-Hill
  • Publish Date : 2003
  • Authors : Dr. Howard Schilit
  • Media : Hardcover
  • Page count : 296
  • Dimensions : 6.25 X 9.25
  • Member Price : $34.95
  • Non-Member Price : $34.95

Today's tumultuous corporate and financial markets and blinding new technologies combine to make accounting fraud much more high-impact and difficult to detect than in the past. As an investor or decision-maker, you must arm yourself with the latest investigative tools and techniques - or run the daily risk of falling prey to these increasingly complex, costly scams and schemes. 


This publication helps you fight fire with fire, giving you the state-of-the-art weapons you need to identify warnings of a company's problems before earnings come out and the damage becomes irreversible. It details the seven fundamental tricks that companies have used to fool auditors and investors for decades and provides updated information on how these shenanigans are being used in today's technologically advanced, financially savvy investment world. 
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