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Progress through Sharing: The CBOK study is available for purchase, but we believe that the results of CBOK belong to IIA members globally. Members and practitioners around the world have shared with us their input and wisdom to help us all Understand, Shape, and Advance our future. It is only fair to share the results back with the Internal Audit Community.

A Global Summary of the Common Body of Knowledge (CBOK) 2006 is also available as a paperback edition or CD-Rom from The IIARF Bookstore.





CBOK 2006 at the time was the largest and most comprehensive global study ever conducted about the internal auditing profession. A Global Summary of the Common Body of Knowledge 2006 provides an all-encompassing look at the study's findings which provide a basis for understanding, shaping, and advancing:
  • Compliance to and adequacy of The International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing.
  • The current status of the internal audit activity within organizations.
  • The actual activities and types of audits that are being performed.
  • Tools and techniques used by internal auditors.
  • Skills and knowledge possessed by internal auditors.
A Global Summary of the Common Body of Knowledge 2006 presents a rich database of knowledge that will be exploited over the next few years to shape the internal auditing profession. Internal auditing organizations can use this knowledge to compare their organizations with what the study found. Chief audit executives can use these comparisons to guide their organizations into the future. Practitioners can use the data collected to guide their careers and professional development.