IIA Standard 1312 - External Quality Assessments: Results, Tools, Techniques and Lessons Learned - Download PDF

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  • Publish Date : 2007
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Now, more than ever, leading organizations are recognizing the impact of maintaining an effective internal audit function. In order to determine compliance with the the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing (Standards), organizations must go through the external quality assessment process (Standard 1312-External Assessments). The IIARF conducted a survey to gauge organizations’ external QA experiences and practices.
Highlights in this report:
  • Why comply with the Standards? Key reasons why some organizations decided to undergo an external QA.
  • What was helpful? Valuable tools and techniques which aided in the external QA process.
  • How did organizations measure up? The results of the external QA for survey participants (organization names kept confidential).
  • Benefits noted in performing the external QA and “lessons learned.” What would be done differently in the future?
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