Imperatives for Change: The IIA’s Global Internal Audit Survey in Action

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  • Publish Date : February 2011
  • Authors : The IIA Research Foundation
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  • Page count : 77
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Report V, Imperatives for Change: The IIA’s Global Internal Audit Survey in Action, is the fifth in a series of five deliverables of The IIA’s Global Internal Audit Survey: A Component of the CBOK Study. This is the most comprehensive study ever to capture current perspectives and opinions from a large cross-section of practicing internal auditors, internal audit service providers, and academics about the nature and scope of assurance and consulting activities on the profession’s status worldwide.  



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Imperatives for Change: The IIA’s Global Internal Audit Survey in Action is written primarily for chief audit executives (CAEs).  This report builds upon the key themes found in the first four reports in this series and identifies imperatives for the internal auditing activity to meet organizations’ fast changing needs and stakeholder expectations to strategically position the profession for the long term.  Each imperative is accompanied by recommended action steps for CAE consideration.


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Learn more about the Common Body of Knowledge (CBOK) study.

This project was made possible through the generous donations made to the William G. Bishop III, CIA, Memorial Fund