Improving Board Risk Oversight Through Best Practices -eBook

  • Item No. : 5019.ep
  • ISBN : 978-0-89413-806-5
  • Publisher : The Institute of Internal Auditors Research Foundation
  • Publish Date : September 2011
  • Authors : Paul L. Walker, Ph.D., CPA William G. Shenkir, Ph.D., CPA Thomas L. Barton, Ph.D., CPA
  • Media : eBook
  • Page count : 96
  • Member Price : $19.99
  • Non-Member Price : $39.99

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Improving Board Risk Oversight Through Best Practices is a research report that shows how organizations have effectively engaged their board in their ERM systems, how internal audit plays a role in board risk oversight, and covers a series of “best practices.” This is important since organizations are placing more emphasis on enhancing the effectiveness of risk management in their own operations.