IT Auditing: An Adaptive Process

  • Item No. : 6115
  • Publisher : Pleier Corporation
  • Publish Date : 2005
  • Authors : Robert E. Davis, MBA, CISA, CICA
  • Media : CD/DVD
  • Dimensions : 5 X 5.5
  • Member Price : $95.00
  • Non-Member Price : $95.00

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IT Auditing: An Adaptive Process is a 136-page workbook designed to be a self-contained tool for learning IT audit process flexibility, while performing effective IT audits, as well as a companion product for IT Auditing: The Process.

This workbook enables IT auditors to:
  • Effectively approach IT audit planning, study, evaluation, testing and reporting methods
  • Understand the major steps in the IT audit process
  • Understand selected audit standards and guidelines into practical applications using detailed examples
  • Understand how to apply various steps and processes required initiating, documenting and compiling IT audit phases
  • Acquire an appreciation for IT financial statement, government and external auditing
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