IT Auditing: Service Delivery and Support

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  • Publisher : Pleier Corporation
  • Publish Date : 2008
  • Authors : Robert E. Davis, MBA, CISA, CICA
  • Media : CD/DVD
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IT Service Delivery and Support is a business user's view of the entire IT Department and Operations.  Audits and Reviews of this important area are very important for IT auditors to address.

Robert E. Davis has been privileged to assist various organizations in achieving their control objectives and improving business processes.

His self-paced PowerPoint presentation of 384 PowerPoint slides with accompanying administrator and participant manuals is organized to provide group or individual self-paced training of Auditors and Audit Managers.

Upon completion of this training the participant will be able to:

  1. Develop, implement, and/or incorporate an IT Service Delivery and Support risk-based audit and review procedures strategy and objectives in compliance with ISACA’s standards to ensure that the organization's information technology and business processes are adequately controlled, monitored, assessed, and aligned with the organization's business objectives.

  2. Incorporate IT Service Delivery and Support into audits and reviews to ensure that the IT audit/review strategy and objectives are achieved.

  3. Obtain sufficient, reliable, relevant, and useful evidence to achieve the IT Service Delivery and Support audit or review procedures objectives. 

  4. Analyze IT service related information gathered to identify reportable conditions and reach conclusions.

  5. Review management’s IT Service Delivery and Support risk assessment to provide reasonable assurance that control objectives have been achieved. 

  6. Communicate IT Service Delivery and Support audit or review results to key stakeholders. 

  7. Facilitate the implementation of IT Service Delivery and Support risk management and control practices within the organization.

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