Leveraging IT Controls to Improve IT Operating Performance - Download PDF

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  • ISBN : 978-0-89413-625-2
  • Publisher : The IIA Research Foundation
  • Publish Date : 2008
  • Authors : Kurt Milne and Dan Phelps
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This report studies how information technology (IT) controls impact operational performance. The study was designed to give IT audit and operations professionals empirical data about which IT controls have the biggest impact on operational performance, and about the effect of higher levels of IT control process maturity. The study did not look at how IT controls reduce risk, but instead focused on how IT controls that are often mandated by regulatory requirements also improve performance if implemented at sufficient levels of process maturity.
Findings include:
  1. IT controls do improve operating performance, and some IT controls improve performance more than others.
  2. IT controls impact the performance of smaller and larger organizations in different ways.
  3. This study confirms that organizations with higher levels of IT control process maturity have higher levels of IT operational performance.
Each IT auditor needs to understand the risks and controls that are resident within the audited IT environment as well as the process maturity of the process being audited. This study provides the auditor with powerful, quantified research that outlines the value that these controls bring not only to mitigating the traditional IT audit risks, but to improving the operating effectiveness of the IT organization, improving its value to the organization as a whole. The result is that the IT auditor is now better enabled to be a valuable partner to the enterprise.
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