McKeever CCSA Practice Test Software Download 2014

  • Item No. : 6219.dl
  • Publisher : Pleier Corporation
  • Publish Date : 2014
  • Authors : John J. McKeever
  • Media : Download
  • Member Price : $150.00
  • Non-Member Price : $150.00

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NEW! 2014 edition

The McKeever CCSA Practice Test download includes:

  • Display of 125-question tests similar to actual CCSA Exam questions
  • Computer-based training practice for the actual CCSA Exam
  • Timing of test for 3 hours and 15 minutes with feedback at end of test option
  • No timing of test with feedback after each question option
  • Display of a different test each time containing 40% questions different than the last test
  • report of the percentage correct
  • Suggestion for whether to take the actual CCSA Exam now or delay it
  • Detailed feedback for every question (in Acrobat PDF format also)
  • View or print over 200 questions with answers along with an explanation in PDF formation
  • Assistance improving your test-taking technique
  • Assistance discovering topics for further study prior to taking the actual CCSA Exam

The McKeever CCSA Practice Test is also available online.
Click Here for demo.