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QAR infocus Description

QAR infocus is a fully automated tool to assist in preparing for, performing and documenting the annual Quality Assurance Improvement Program (QAIP) under Institute of Internal Auditor’s International Professional Practices Framework IPPF Standard 1311.

This tool facilitates both the CAE's annual evaluation and management reporting.
QAR infocus Workflow
Information Gathering
A fully integrated data repository where the user imports all relevant electronic documentation to support compliance with professional standards.
Predefined surveys for management and staff that ask the relevant questions.  A survey manager and workflow to aggregate responses.
Standard workpaper review template that asks the right questions for reviewing all types of audit workpapers.  Workflow provides for aggregation.
Compliance Assessment
Standards individually presented with supporting data for assessment of compliance with  each standard.  Cross-referencing eases navigation to aggregated supporting data.
Management Reporting
Exportable template with summary of all conclusions, comments and improvement opportunities.

QAR infocus Benefits
     ü       Eliminates duplicate handling of information
   ü       Presents clear and consise instructions and specific example content to support
        compliance assessment
   ü       Automates QAIP and QAR process saving time and money
ü       Enhances data organization - all data is stored in a logical repository for access as needed

QAR infocus Features

ü      Collects and stores information in a single repository  easily updated year-to-year

ü      Cross-references all information to the IIA International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF) by applicable standard

ü       Provides comprehensive help including a complete small audit shop sample case

ü       Displays progress monitoring

ü       Creates flexible, detailed reporting for leading discussions with Senior Management and the Audit Committee