Risk Management & Risk Assessment

  • Item No. : 6317
  • Publisher : Pleier Corporation
  • Publish Date : 2003
  • Authors : David McNamee, CIA, CISA, CFE, CGFM
  • Media : CD/DVD
  • Dimensions : 5 X 5.5
  • Member Price : $95.00
  • Non-Member Price : $95.00

This electronic publication on CD contains some of the leading edge thoughts of David McNamee a world-class expert on Internal Audit.

Included is material on risk management and risk assessment in the form of 250 pages of workbooks, 6 articles, and 90 Powerpoint slides. Throughout this material are numerous Internal Audit case studies, checklists, and examples. This CD also includes a bonus 125 page workbook entitled "Simple Sampling for Auditors".
Please note: This 2003 CD-ROM does contain material from previously published products. Some of the material references the old Standards.
Permission to use promotional material granted by Pleier Corporation.