The Balanced Scorecard - Applications in Internal Auditing and Risk Management - eBook

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  • ISBN : 978-0-89413-877-5
  • Publisher : The IIA Research Foundation
  • Publish Date : 2014
  • Authors : Mark L. Frigo, PhD, CPA, CMA
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  • Page count : 132
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Develop Your Strategic Leadership Skills
The Balanced Scorecard performance management system has become an essential framework for strategy execution throughout the world.  As a result, leading internal audit activities are using Balanced Scorecards as tools to more effectively manage the risks that matter most. 
This book will help you to:
  • Learn the concepts and terminology of the Balanced Scorecard framework and develop it as a strategic leadership skill.
  • Learn how to use the Mission-Driven Strategy framework to develop a strategy for internal audit.
  • Learn how to translate the strategy of an internal audit function into Balanced Scorecard performance measures.
  • Learn how to connect internal audit strategy to enterprise strategy.
  • Learn how to use Strategy Maps as a platform for risk assessment and enterprise risk management.
The book also features insights from leading CAEs at organizations including Allstate Insurance, Morningstar, and TransUnion. The Balanced Scorecard—Applications in Internal Auditing and Risk Management will help you develop a strategy and turn it into effective action for your internal audit function.
“Mark Frigo has presented chief audit executives a clear roadmap and guidelines for developing Balanced Scorecards for an internal audit strategy that will help them meet the needs of management, executives and the board and truly make their department a valuable strategic partner.” – Robert S. Kaplan, Professor Harvard Business School and co-developer of the Balanced Scorecard
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