Comprehensive Audit Library Collection, The

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The Comprehensive Audit Library Collection is comprised of The Fundamental Audit Library Collection PLUS the new Intermediate Audit Library Collection AND hand selected books from our Handbook Series.


These products are also available for purchase individually.
The Fundamental Audit Library Collection


Auditing Human Resources, 2nd Edition
This handbook is an essential tool for internal auditors to examine the technical and practical dimensions of the HR function and to create a comprehensive system that adds value to the organization.
Conflict Management and Negotiation Skills for Internal Auditors
The goals of this book are twofold: to increase your understanding of how people think and act (including yourself), and to give a tremendous number of tips, practices, suggestions, ideas, and skills that you may use appropriately to increase your relationship and get better audit results with your customers and clients, wherever they may reside.
To Revise or Not to Revise: Essential Guide to Reviewing Somebody Else's Writing
This book takes a pioneering approach to solving a common academic, business, and governmental problem: on-the-job editing can escalate the cost of producing documents, delay the publication of important information, and demoralize professionals whose written words are rewritten by someone else. 
Sampling: A Guide for Internal Auditors
While it is possible to examine 100 percent of an audit customer's data, the time and cost associated with such a study are often prohibitive. To obtain sufficient, reliable, and relevant information with a limited data set, sampling is an efficient and effective tool. It can help you evaluate the customer's assertions, as well as reach audit conclusions and provide reasonable assurance to your organization. This handbook will help you understand sampling.
Auditing the Procurement Function
Procurement is the largest or second-largest category of expenditure in most organizations. This book offers practical advice for auditing the procurement function, and it is intended to be of relevance for all types and sizes of organizations globally -- in the private sector, the not-for-profit or charitable sectors, local and national government, and international organizations.  
Audit Committee Effectiveness: What Works Best, 4th Edition
This research report has been prepared to help audit committee members effectively and thoughtfully discharge their duties. It provides direction on how best to carry out their responsibilities by providing numerous examples of how leading audit committees are not just coping, but succeeding. In short, it is your guide to what works best.
Using Surveys in Internal Audits
The 2008 Global Audit Information Network (GAIN) survey found that 47 percent of respondents used surveys as part of their internal audits within the past 24 months. This handbook will help those who are considering using surveys, those who may be asked to conduct surveys, or those who want to enhance their techniques.    
Gleaning from insights provided by directors and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) professionals around the globe, this research report provides lessons learned and leading practices on how the best boards discharge their key corporate governance responsibilities. The report addresses recent developments and regulations that affect boards of directors.