Intermediate Audit Library Collection, The

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The Intermediate Audit Library Collection is comprised of The Fundamental Audit Library Collection PLUS hand selected books from our Handbook Series.















These products are also available for purchase individually:

The Internal Auditor’s Guide to Risk Assessment

Internal auditors can enhance their value proposition to stakeholders by being able to anticipate how changing environments will impact risk, opportunities, and threats. When risk assessment activities are properly calibrated, internal audit can allocate its resources accordingly, thus creating value for the organization.

Clarity-Impact-Speed: Delivering Audit Reports That Matter

In this exciting new handbook, Sally Cutler updates report-design and report-writing techniques, enabling you to construct clear and persuasive audit reports that address current and emerging demands. These strategies work whether your organization is small or large, your internal audit activity is long-standing or newly established, and you are a for-profit, not-for-profit, or government organization.

COSO Internal Control - Integrated Framework - 2013

The new Framework retains the core definition of internal control and the five components of internal control, and it continues to emphasize the importance of management judgment in designing, implementing, and conducting a system of internal control, and in assessing its effectiveness. It broadens the application of internal control in addressing operations and reporting objectives, and clarifies the requirements for determining what constitutes effective internal control.

Audit Committee Reporting: A Guide for Internal Auditing

How does internal audit deliver clear messages to the audit committee—messages that support good governance and deliver on internal audit's mission? Audit Committee Reporting: A Guide for Internal Auditing helps readers not only to answer this question but also to fashion a comprehensive approach to audit committee reporting.

Audit Planning: A Risk-based Approach

Designed to help auditors in any type of business develop the essential understanding, capabilities, and tools needed to prepare credible, defensible audit plans, Audit Planning: A Risk-based Approach helps auditors plan the audit process so that it makes a dynamic contribution to better governance, robust risk management, and more reliable controls.

Fraud Risk Assessment: Building a Fraud Audit Program

Times are changing. At one time, it was not directly an auditor's responsibility to detect fraud, and even professional standards avoided the word "fraud." Today, it is accepted that the auditor has an obligation to respond to the risk of fraud. In Fraud Risk Assessment: Building a Fraud Audit Program, author and industry expert Leonard Vona reveals a fraud audit approach.

Auditor's Guide to Information Systems Auditing

A step-by-step guide to successful implementation and control of information systems. Auditor's Guide to Information Systems Auditing presents an easy, practical guide for auditors that can be applied to all computing environments.

Enterprise Risk Management: Achieving and Sustaining Success

This book provides a roadmap for all internal auditors, regardless of their ERM expertise, to translate complex ERM concepts into concrete guidance that internal auditors find straightforward and practical.

Enterprise Risk Management - Integrated Framework

COSO's Enterprise Risk Management - Integrated Framework defines essential ERM components, discusses key ERM principles and concepts, suggests a common ERM language, and provides clear direction and guidance for enterprise risk management.