The Practitioner's Blueprint to Construction Auditing-Download PDF

  • Item No. : 1105.dl
  • ISBN : 978-0-89413-726-6
  • Publisher : The IIA Research Foundation
  • Publish Date : September 2012
  • Authors : Ron Risner, MBA, CIA, CCA, CCP
  • Media : Download
  • Page count : 256
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Change orders? As-builts? MEP? If this terminology sounds foreign to you, you are not alone. The world of construction has a unique nomenclature, as well as unique risks and risk management techniques. When you are faced with auditing a construction project, you probably wish that you had access to an experienced construction auditor who could shed some light on this complex field. The Practitioner’s Blueprint to Construction Auditing provides just that.
Written for internal audit professionals, this book walks you through the construction process—and the construction audit process—providing insights both large and small along the way Construction professionals may also find it useful in figuring out what a construction audit will involve and how to improve their construction management practices.
The book follows the order of the construction project life cycle, explaining the key concepts, risks, best practices, and controls for each step of the project, along with the best methods for auditing them. And these methods can be applied to construction projects of all shapes and sizes.

Let The Practitioner’s Blueprint to Construction Auditing get you on the path to a successful, value-added review of your organization’s construction project.