XBRL: Potential Issues and Opportunities for Internal Auditors

  • Item No. : 5003
  • ISBN : 0-89413-588-0
  • Publisher : The IIA Research Foundation
  • Publish Date : 2005
  • Authors : Glen L. Gray, PhD, CPA with XML/XBRL Tutorial by Clinton E. White, Jr.
  • Media : Paperback
  • Page count : 145
  • Dimensions : 8.5 x 11
  • Member Price : $60.00
  • Non-Member Price : $75.00

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XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language) is a global standard for sharing business information. XBRL provides major benefits in the preparation, analysis, and communication of business information, all at a reduced cost. XBRL provides standardized controls that can result in improved efficiency and effectiveness of the audits. As such, it is important that internal auditors be proactive and stay ahead of the curve on XBRL.


This report, prepared by a member of the XBRL International Consortium:
  • Introduces XBRL.
  • Discusses its benefits and uses.
  • Includes hands-on XML/XBRL tutorials.
  • Summarizes what it all means for internal audit.