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New Releases From the Audit Executive Center 
Joint Roundtable Discusses IT Risks and Emerging Technologies
In partnership with ISACA, the Audit Executive Center held a roundtable on Sept. 19, to discuss emerging IT trends, risks, and other technology topics of importance. The Flash Alert summarizes the event’s highlights. Free download
CAEs Discuss Technology Performance Gap
Recruitment Strategies for Tomorrow’s Internal Audit Function

Among the main challenges many chief audit executives (CAEs) face is finding the right talent and skills for their internal audit function. In fact, a recent Audit Executive Center survey found that successful recruitment, and retention, of audit talent has proven difficult, especially in areas requiring specialized skills such as IT. The latest Audit Executive Center Question-and-Answer report discusses unique recruitment strategies from three CAEs working in Fortune 500 organizations.


Another Tempest May be Brewing
Effective Resourcing of Audit Plans Remains a Challenge for CAEs
Changing customer and workforce demographics, cloud computing, new compliance requirements, and continued cost-cutting initiatives are among the key obstacles identified by Fortune 250 CAEs that are leading to emerging audit focus and risk areas. This Audit Executive Center alert discusses these and other key areas where anticipated shifts in internal audit focus are likely to take place in 2011 and beyond.
 Three Crisis Management Imperatives for CAEs

Technology “Laggers” Vs. “Embracers”: CAEs Discuss Technology Performance Gap

Lack of a defined internal audit IT strategy was identified as the No. 1 obstacle preventing many internal audit functions from leveraging technology effectively, according to 25 CAEs attending a March 2011 Audit Executive Center Roundtable in Las Vegas. Similarly, lack of an internal audit data strategy and knowledge of how to use newly deployed technology were additional obstacles cited by these CAEs. This Flash Alert from The IIA’s Audit Executive Center discusses these and other obstacles and recommendations addressed during The Audit Executive Center’s CAE Roundtable and The IIA’s semi-annual Emerging Trends and Leading Practices survey.

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 Is Your Organization in the Cloud?

Another Tempest May Be Brewing: Internal Audit Emerging Trends and Issues

A large percentage of CAEs believe they are meeting or exceeding the needs and expectations of senior management after helping their organization navigate through the past, economically tempestuous and politically contentious, 36 months. However, CAEs must maintain a vigilant lookout for storm clouds that might lie ahead. More specifically, CAEs should look for any signs that senior executives and audit committee members are not as convinced as they themselves are about internal auditing’s knowledge of the business and its capability to assess new strategic, operational, and other risks in today’s business environment. This Knowledge Alert addresses this and other composite findings from The IIA’s semi-annual March 2011 Emerging Trends and Leading Practices, which summarizes the responses of 514 CAEs working in organizations throughout North America.

The Relationship Advantage: Maximizing Chief Audit Executive Success
Relationship acumen — the ability to establish and maintain strong connections with key stakeholders — is now also a prerequisite for success. This thought leadership report discusses how CAEs can use relationship acumen to navigate complex needs and competing agendas of senior managers and audit committees.
 Effective Resourcing

Three Crisis Management Imperatives for CAEs

Last year’s environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico prompted many chief audit executives (CAEs) to take a hard look at their organization’s crisis management efforts. And, as many CAEs are starting to realize, there is much room for improvement. This Knowledge Alert discusses three essential crisis management imperatives for CAEs — be the catalyst for a focus on the importance of crisis management, define a crisis management role for internal auditing and commit to it, and ensure crisis management is on your radar screen for 2011 and beyond — based on a November 2010 Audit Executive Center survey on crisis management practices in organizations represented by IIA members.

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What's Coming From The Audit Executive Center

Lessons Learned

Are You Meeting Your Stakeholders’ Expectations?

CAEs around the world strive to add value and be viewed as leading a high-performing internal audit function. To do so, CAEs need to continually develop processes to understand stakeholder expectations and perceptions, build capabilities to meet those expectations, be able to measure and report relative to those expectations, and periodically reassess expectations as they change. This upcoming Audit Executive report will help CAEs understand the different expectations of their stakeholders so that they can identify activities to manage them. 

Effective Resourcing

Does Your Internal Audit Function Need Its Own Technology Strategy?

IT is an enabler that can help organizations on the road to success. As a business function, internal audit departments need to have an IT strategy that enables auditors to maximize their work, be most productive, and do their work where and when it is most important. This upcoming Center News Brief will provide recommendations to help CAEs establish an IT strategy for their internal audit function that aligns to the organization’s overall goals and objectives.

Successful Recruitment
Audit Report Writing Strategies
One of the biggest challenges CAEs often face is delivering audit reports that capture senior management’s and the audit committee’s attention. This upcoming thought leadership will summarize effective audit report writing strategies to enables CAEs to produce attention-graving audit reports.

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