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As the essential resource for chief audit executives, The IIA’s Audit Executive Center has the most relevant and timely thought leadership on the internal audit profession as well as a comprehensive Resource Library of audit programs and other tools. The Audit Executive Center is always looking for fresh, peer-based content and new resources.

Whether it's an article, audit program, checklist, white paper, research report, or opinion piece, The Center is looking for fresh content for publication. Writers are eligible to receive up to a maximum of 50 hours of Continuing Professional Education credit during a two-year period to be used toward any IIA designation. (Read The IIA’s Administrative Directive No. 4: Continuing Professional Education Requirements for more information on obtaining CPE credit toward any IIA designation.) 

Share resources…

Share an audit tool or template such as a risk assessment or audit program. Simply e-mail us the document and we will post a scrubbed version in the Center’s Resource Library. All documents shared will be scrubbed for anonymity.

Share thought leadership…

Do you have a report, article, or other content that you would like to have published? If so, you can e-mail us the document and we will work closely with you for publication.  Please note that all requests are reviewed for relevance and consistency with current IIA priorities.  Papers and articles can be published with or without attribution. Learn more about the Center’s current hot topics. The Center has a variety of deliverables, click here to learn more about the different publications.

 Share leading practices…

If you or someone in your team has a knack for writing or is a subject matter expert, you might want to consider becoming a volunteer author or expert interviewee. The Audit Executive Center is always looking for internal auditors who would like to share their lessons learned with others. The process is easy. Simply e-mail us indicating who you are, how we can reach you, and what you would like to write about. 


If you, or someone you know, would like to become a volunteer author or share internal audit tools and other resource materials, simply e-mail us anytime at

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