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Published By The Institute of internal Auditors   
April 2014

The CRMA Syllabus is Now Available, Exam to Launch in 2013

The Institute of Internal Auditors’ Professional Certifications Board (PCB) recently approved the final version of the CRMA exam syllabus for release, with the first offering of the exam to occur globally July 2013 in English only via computer-based testing.

In order to achieve the CRMA designation, candidates must successfully pass both Part I of the Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) exam and the CRMA core exam. The CRMA is The IIA’s first specialty exam to include Part I of the CIA curriculum as an exam component. The core exam will require candidates to successfully answer 100 questions covering the four domains of the CRMA at the proficiency (thorough understanding and ability to apply concepts) level within a 2-hour testing block.

Visit The IIA’s website for more information on the four domains of CRMA, to access the syllabus, and review eligibility requirements.

Individuals interested in earning the CRMA through Professional Experience Recognition (PER) still have time to do so. Individuals in North American have until 30 September 2012, to apply and 31 October 2012, to submit all required documentation, while individuals in all other regions of the world have until 31 December 2012, to apply and 31 January 2013, to submit required documentation.

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