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Published By The Institute of internal Auditors   
April 2014

Where do Exam Questions Come From?

Most exam questions are conceived in the field by IIA-certified professionals. These professionals satisfy the ongoing need for dynamic, challenging, and relevant exam questions for all our high stakes exams. The questions developed through this process enhance the certification exam process and contribute to the professionalism of those seeking to receive a designation. In order to develop exams, The IIA seeks IIA-certified professionals to participate in the exam question authoring process.  

Teresa Ward, CIA, CPA, CBA, director of internal audit for Mutual of Omaha, has contributed several questions to the CIA exam through the “Test Development Team” she champions. She stated, “Writing exam questions is a great way to give back to the profession and help shape the future of internal auditing. As a certificate holder, you can contribute questions individually or as part of team at your local chapter. Working as part of a team allows for collaboration and peer review, plus it is a great networking opportunity.”

Anyone holding an IIA designation can apply to be an exam question writer, but don’t let the prospect of writing exam questions be intimidating. John Servage, CIA, CCSA, CGAP, CRMA, risk and assurance consultant and former member of The IIA’s Exam Development Committee, had this to say to those skeptical about participating in the exam question writing process: “Remember, as a certification holder, you are already familiar with exam items from studying and writing your exam. Also, (The IIA provides you with) a number of…training and support services, including a writer’s guide and a website.”’ 

The IIA is also working on a number of web-based tutorials that will support prospective exam question writers. 

In addition to your greatly appreciated contribution to the profession, contributing writers can earn Chapter Achievement Program (CAP) points for your local chapter, continuing professional education (CPE) credits, and in some cases remuneration for accepted questions. 

We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to be recognized as a key contributor to the career of internal auditing. Still not sure? Servage invites you to “Please join us. I think you will surprise yourself on how much you actually know and have to contribute.”

For information on how to participate, visit this link.


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