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April 2014
Cyndi Plamondon,




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Message from the Vice President of Professional Certifications




Certification Spotlight: A Symbol of the Evolution of the Profession
With the closing of the Professional Experience Recognition period for the Certification in Risk Management Assurance™ (CRMA®), we are spotlighting the 10,000th CRMA, Joanna Mrowicka, CIA, CGAP, CRMA, of Poland. Read more… 

Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the Certified Internal Auditor® Designation
Take a nostalgic walk as we explore the historical, cultural, and professional milestones that occurred as the Certified Internal Auditor program matured over the course of the last 40 years. Gain insight into why individuals seek out the globally recognized credential and witness the evolution of the program that has led to the introduction of the new three-part exam. Read more…

Inaugural Pricing Extended for CRMA® Introductory Exam 
Registration for the new CRMA exam opened on 1 May with a special pricing offer. Exam sessions begin 1 July with the special offer extended to 31 July. 
Learn more…

Delayed Score Exam Offered for New 3-Part CIA® Exam 
Registration for the new 3-part CIA exam opened 1 May with testing sessions beginning 1 July. For a limited time, individuals may opt to participate in the Delayed Score Exam (DSE) program designed to support the exam question validation process. Program participants may be eligible to receive special exam pricing. 
Learn More…

Certified? Display Your Achievement in Style 
Peruse the online certification eStore to find new ways to display your own achievements and recognize your colleagues for theirs. Learn more…

Contribute Your Talent – Form a Test Development Team 
The IIA is currently seeking certified chapter and Institute members who are interested in giving back to the profession by contributing their knowledge and participating in the exam question authoring process. Read more…

Document Upload Portal – Enhanced, Streamlined, Secure 
The Document Upload Portal, designed to enhance the experience of certificants by reducing response and document processing times, streamlines the submission process, and creates a secure transmission method. Read more…


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