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Published By The Institute of internal Auditors   
April 2014

Delayed Score Exam Offered for New 3–Part CIA Exam

Several years in the making, the much anticipated English version of the new 3-Part Certified Internal Auditor® exam will begin testing 1 July. Candidates throughout the world have been turning to The IIA to better understand how these changes will impact their pursuit of the only globally recognized internal audit credential, the CIA. To address those queries, The IIA released the interactive Transition Planning Tool. By inputting the details of their exam progress, CIA candidates can evaluate the various options available for earning their CIA during the transition period, and map their path forward.

For some, earning the CIA in the four-part format has become a priority, studying to ensure they sit for and pass exam parts prior to 31 December, which is the end of four-part exam offerings in English. Others chose to await the release of the three-part exam, reducing the number of testing sessions required to earn the designation.

Those who waited for the release of three-part exam and are prepared to register for and complete exam sessions prior to 31 August will have the unique opportunity to further contribute to the enhancement of the CIA exam by participating in the Delayed Score Exam (DSE) option, which allows for further validation of exam questions before they are added to the exam question bank.

Participants taking advantage of the DSE option will answer an additional 25 questions that will not impact their score in any way, and they will receive an additional 30 minutes of seat time (per exam part) to accomplish this. However, due to the validation process, scores may not be released to the candidate for up to 90 days.

In recognition of their contribution to the question validation process, candidates receive a discounted rate for each DSE exam part taken. For additional details and pricing for the DSE option, please visit The IIA’s global website.


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