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3rd Quarter 2013
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2012 Certification Award Winners Announced

The IIA recently recognized recipients of the 2012 Certification Awards — those around the world who took and passed the CIA exam during the year with the highest scores, becoming the latest members of an exclusive group of internal audit practitioners, as well as high-score achievers of The IIA’s four specialty certifications.

The top three who scored the highest results on the first three exam modules of the CIA and who passed the test in their first attempt were called out for their individual achievements. Juan Carlos Diaz, CIA, Spain, received the William S. Smith “Gold” award; Väino Sarnet, CIA, CGAP, Estonia, received the A.J. Hans Spoel “Silver” award; and Anna Agnieszka Stepien, CIA, Poland, received the William S. Smith “Bronze” award.

Additionally, the Dr. Glenn Sumners award is presented annually to the highest scoring student, and 2012’s winner was Wang Yang, CIA, China. Both Diaz and Yang were in attendance at the 2013 International Conference in Orlando, Fla., in July to receive their awards.

The next 10 high-score recipients received special recognition with a Certificate of Excellence. They were Feng Junbo, CIA, China; Donovan Fontaine, CIA, Canada; Chantal Frappier, CIA, Canada; Duan Haiyan, CIA, China; Zhang Yan, CIA, China; Zheng Jinyu, CIA, China; Ding Xiaojuan, CIA, China; Xu Xiaofang, CIA, China; Catherine Cairns, CIA, USA; and Liu Yutong, CIA, China. Another 50 top scorers were awarded a Certificate of Honor.

The IIA is also pleased to recognize the top-scoring candidates for specialty certification exams with the Highest Achievement Award in each category.

Certification in Control
 Self-Assessment (CCSA)
Milena Drakalieva-Penevska, CIA, CCSA, Bulgaria
Certified Financial
Services Auditor (CFSA)
Dennis Dayan, CIA, CFSA, Philippines
Certified Government
Audit Professional; (CGAP)
Helka Nykaenen, CIA, CGAP, Luxembourg

The IIA recognizes
the hard work, dedication, and impressive accomplishments of these individuals and congratulates each on their achievement.