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About Us - the IIA-KSA

On this page:

  • IIA-KSA Overview
  • IIA-KSA History
  • IIA-KSA Interim Board of Directors
  • IIA-KSA Chapters (future)
  • IIA-KSA Charter and By-Laws
  • About the Global IIA
  • About the IIA in other countries
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IIA-KSA Overview

The IIA-KSA is an affiliate of the global organization - the Institute of Internal Auditors.   The global body provides much useful support for the members and the profession, including developing standards, maintaining professional certification programs, sponsoring global and regional conferences and much more.  More information about the global IIA is provided below on this page.

 The IIA-KSA Board of Directors are volunteer leaders elected by the IIA members in Saudi Arabia.  The IIA-KSA’s interim board is listed at a section further down on this page.

 The IIA-KSA Board of Governors provides oversight to the chapters that the IIA-KSA will eventually charter and to the professional support staff who will soon be hired in the IIA-KSA headquarters in Riyadh.  The IIA-KSA has the following committees:

  • Certifications/ Exams
  • Training & Continuing Education
  • Membership Relations
  • Conferences & Forum
  • Research & Publications
  • Technical Support

 If you would like to become involved in institute leadership or committees, please express your interest at this link:  Form to express interest in becoming involved with the IIA-KSA 

IIA-KSA History

Here is a brief chronology of events related to the IIA-KSA formation efforts:

December 2009 – The IIA Global’s International Relations Committee accepts the IIA-KSA’s application as a Institute-in-Formation.  When the IIA-KSA meets the subsequent requirements, it would become a full IIA Institute in December 2011.

September 2009 – The IIA-KSA launches www.iia.org.sa  to increase awareness of its efforts and to build its mailing list and to identify potential IIA leadership .

August  2009 -  The IIA Global Headquarters recognizes the IIA-KSA as a Prospective Institute and its president Richard Chambers sends a letter to the 275 at-large members in KSA informing them.

January 2009 -  The Saudi Organization of CPAs (SOCPA) and the IIA Global Headquarters sign a Technical Cooperation Program  agreement to work towards forming an IIA Institute in Saudi Arabia.


This link has an Arabic version of the IIA-KSA's history:  IIA-KSA History - in Arabic  

IIA-KSA Interim Board of Directors

  • Mr. Yousef Mobarak ( Chairman)         Mubarak Consulting
  • Mr. Khalid Al Solai                                 Saudi Telecom Company Chief Audit Executive
  • Mr. Saleh Al Shnaifi                              King Saud University Faculty      
  • Mr. Abdullah A. Alrowais                      Mobily Chief Audit Executive
  • Mr. Sulaiman Al Nuwasier                    (Former) SABIC Chief Audit Executive
  • Mr. Mohammed Al Subaie                    Manager at Saudi Aramco

IIA-KSA Chapters (Future)

In the near future, the IIA-KSA intends to establish chapters in:


These chapters will eventually  offer informative dinner meetings and other opportunities for  networking with internal audit professionals and more.

If you want to be on the IIA-KSA e-mailing list so that you can find out about our future activities or if you want to express interest in volunteering for leadership positions, please click here:  Form to express interest in becoming involved with the IIA-KSA or be on our mailing list  

IIA-KSA Charter and By-Laws

The IIA-KSA Charter and By-Laws are being finalized;  the Website will have them posted when they are available.

About the Global IIA

The Institute of Internal Auditors is the primary international association for internal auditing and related professions, with  more than 160,000 members in 165 countries and territories. 

The overall governance of the professional staff and volunteer leadership and is provided by a board of directors who are elected by the members and are volunteer member/leaders. To see a profile of the current IIA Global Board of Directors, you can click here.

The IIA Global is headquartered in Altamonte Springs, Florida, USA – near Orlando where professional support staff are provide vital services to the members, chapters, institutes and the profession.  To have the mailing address and phone number of the IIA Global HQs or to know how to contact its various departments, please click here.

The Saudi IIA is one of the IIA national institutes established to provide direct services to members and the profession in its country and it will be establishing local chapters to involve and serve members.

Volunteer member/leaders make up the Global and Regional Committees.  To find out more about the various committees, just click here or how to get involved with one, just click here.

Below are some key pages of the IIA Global’s Website that may be of interest to you:    

About the IIA in Other Countries

 Link to all the IIA Chapters and Institutes in Other Countries 

Other Chapters and Institutes in the Gulf Cooperation Council  (GCC) Region:

Associated Organizations
The IIA maintains relations with Associated Organizations that are organized on a regional or linguistic basis, such as:

  • ACIIA - Asian Confederation of Institutes of Internal Auditors
  • ECIIA - European Confederation of Institutes of Internal Auditing
  • FLAI- Federación Latinoamericana de Auditores Internos
  • UFAI - Union Francophone de l' Audit Interne

Join Now!  Get Involved! Get Certified!

Go to the IIA-KSA's home page to learn how to Join Now! or Get Involved! or Get Certified!:  More important info about the IIA-KSA on our home page  

All contents of this Web site, except where expressly stated, are the copyrighted property of this IIA affiliate.
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