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As I reflect over the past Chapter year, I'm humbled by many things, many memories.  We're flush with positive energy that radiates across our Chapter membership, and it rings true with each successive meeting.  Our ability to attract strong, passionate and knowledgeable speakers continues to improve, and it shows in our member's response and feedback.  We can honestly say it is a joy to speak to our Chapter, and your continued support is evident in our speaker's feedback.

We're proud to say our meeting attendance grows stronger each month, and almost every meeting brings new faces and friends.  We thank you for your continued support, and my heart goes out to each and every one of you.

Without your monthly attendance and sacrifice, we would not be able to sustain the strong Chapter that we have.  So again - thank you!

I wanted to let you all know something else you'd enjoy - I was speaking to a Las Colinas CAE a few weeks ago, and I mentioned I was the FTW Chapter's IIA President when we ended the meeting and we're parting.  She immediately turned around and gushed about our Chapter.  She said she usually attended the Dallas IIA meetings.  The previous week she had been talking with another CAE friend, and her friend said she should go to the FTW IIA meetings as well.  She said our Chapter was smaller, more intimate, and we had stellar speakers.  This is such a promising sign for the future of our Chapter, and I'm so very happy we've progressed so far.  I'm proud of everyone and for the years to come, as the grandest testimony to is the future leadership of our Chapter  and the continued increase in attendance.

I would be 100% remiss if I did not thank our wonderful volunteers.  You all have done such a tireless job throughout the years, and without you, we would not have such a great Chapter.  It goes without saying your efforts, combined with our strong membership, have brought new volunteers who will be making a difference in the coming years.  We cannot function without our volunteers, and each and every one of you I thank from the bottom of my heart.  Please take a moment at our May meeting to shake their hands, thank them for their servant leadership, and welcome them back next year.  Of course, if you would like to volunteer, we gladly welcome you to our team.

Again, here is our wonderful staff (both veterans and new members):

  • Terry Hartzog - VP Programs, Past President and Incoming President (thanks Terry for your knowledge, commitment and leadership - your consistency in volunteering )
  • Michelle Griffin - Membership Chair Extraordinaire (Michelle, you have been a rock for our team, and Dallas' too.  Congrats on the new job)
  • Judy Farr - Treasurer (we're sad to see you go - thanks for your faithful excellence and contributions.  You are much loved!)
  • Sueann Porter - Current Secretary and Newsletter Author (Sueann, you have been a trooper with our Newsletter over the years, and we will miss you very much with your "kinda new" job)
  • Cindy Hart - New Secretary and Newsletter Author (Cindy, you've jumped in with gusto and energy, and we look forward to your contributions in the years to come.  Thanks!)
  • Faith Urban, Registration Chair (Faith, you have done a great job streamlining the new on-line payment process and registrations.  Thanks for all you do!)
  • Melinda Hall - New VP Programs (Melinda brings with her a wealth of experience and servant leadership, and she is already making a contribution.  Glad to have you!)
  • Joan Bradford-Pope - New Education Chairman and Past Treasurer (Joan, you are so dedicated in all you do, and we're excited for your leadership in this area.  Looking forward to working with you!)
  • Debbie Dever - Social Committee Chairman (Debbie, you are so perfect for this role, and we look forward to your ideas.  Thanks for volunteering for this new role!)
  • Robert Madrid - New Treasurer and Current Registration Team Member (Robert, thanks for filling Judy's shoes, as it means a lot to step into the Treasurer role)
  • Rebekah Stolley - Registration Team Member (Thanks for all your help - coming in with a new on-line registration process so seamlessly has been wonderful for the team)

Please take a few moments to send me any kind words you may have for our team members and volunteer staff, and we'll make sure they get a copy of your thoughts.

Again, thanks for the opportunity to serve you. 

Kind Regards,

Steve Conwell, CISA
Crowe Horwath LLP
5215 N. O'Connor Boulevard., Suite 200
Irving, Texas 75039

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