FSA Hot Topics

FSA Times Hot Topics
Below is a list of topics identified in FSA Times' readership surveys that members would like to read about. If you are interested in writing about a topic below, or have another idea you would like to submit, contact the editor, Shannon Steffee.
  • Auditing ERM programs.
  • Auditing incentive and bonus plans.
  • Internal auditing’s role in credit.
  • Best practices…
  • Broker-dealer operations.
  • Compliance (banking, insurance, etc.)
  • Derivatives and related issues.
  • Fraud (prevention/detection, schemes, assessment and controls, internal auditing’s role).
  • Commercial real estate lending.
  • Health insurance reform and implications to the audit populations/plans.
  • "How to" articles – identify bloated balance sheets, conduct an FCPA audit, audit complex regulations/products, etc.
  • Auditing remote deposit capture.
  • Market risk rule.
  • Mitigating risk posed by information stored on photocopiers, fax machines, and printers (FDIC guidance).
  • Auditing customer privacy risks.
  • Bank asset/liability management.
  • Fair value reporting.
  • Auditing the corporate strategy-setting process.
  • Insurance regulation.
  • Regulations and their impact (anti-money laundering, Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, U.K. Bribery Act, Dodd-Frank, Basel, International Financial Reporting Standards, Solvency II, etc.)