Thread Title: Failed part 1 of the CIA exam
Created On Thursday May 09, 2013 6:53 PM
  Failed part 1 of the CIA exam


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Thursday May 09, 2013 6:53 PM

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Well i took part 1 of the CIA exam and failed. My final score was 526. I studied the Gleim 16th addition book many times until i understood the material. I purchased the test bank questions and went over the 700+ questions as well. I did not memorize the material but i tried to make sure that i was getting the concept behind it. When i practiced the multiple choice questions, i got between 80-96 %

During the exam, the questions were a lot harder and trickier compared to the ones in the book and software. There was some material i believe came from part 2. For example- one of the questions was " what is audit risk". Anyone who has the Gleim 16th edition part 1 can confirm that the book does not mention it at all. Although i knew that answer, there were many more questions that i was not familiar with.

Now it looks i have to find a better way to study and what exact material i need especially for the new format. Please help me as i need solid advice and assistance.

P.S. anyone in the dallas,tx area taking the exam in the near future and need a study buddy please email me at


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