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  CIA Part 2 suggestions


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Tuesday August 28, 2012 10:28 AM

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I have passed CIA Part 2. I prepared in around 2.5 months, study average 4-5 hours a day. 15 days before exam I was studying around 7-8 hours daily. I studied complete units text almost 2-3 times and prepared my own notes for IT & Stats. I guess I gave in around 170-180 study hours.

I found CIA part 1 study material to be less difficult than the tougher questions asked during the test. However, I found CIA part 2 totally opposite, its study material is tough but questions in exam were very easy. I finished the test with around 25 minutes remaining. Then I did some analysis to help support others when I come out.

Out of 90 questions:
• 65 questions were exactly the same as in software or were very easy and tested core knowledge.
• 15 questions came from 3 IT chapters.
• 6 questions came from Stats chapter. (None of them was numerical, asked about ratio estimation and discovery sampling ONLY)
I marked only two questions during the exam and that really amazed me

Guide lines to prepare part 2 :

Prepare Chapter 1-4 and chapter 8-10 first. I got 72% questions from these chapters. Leave no question unpracticed and work toward achieving 95-100% in software. Chapter 9-10 are Ethics & fraud, the same we did for part 1, but do not undermine it, fraud and ethics were tested heavily along with first four chapters.

At first, I found 3 IT chapters very difficult. Then I wrote down my own notes in embedded heading & point style to understand everything collectively. It was very very boring for me reading it for the first time, but we have to embrace it, we have no choice.

I prepared statistics chapter in the last because I am really not good at it. My view is that Gleim Statistics chapter is really not well written and will give one a very hard time if he/she hasn’t had good previous knowledge of statistics. All statistics topics are not explained thoroughly and I found the writing very difficult to grasp the basic concepts. This chapter just has reasonable amount of formulas that one needs to memorize, however I didn’t do them and luckily not a single numerical statistic question came. I dont know why there was one algebra numerical question that I solved easily. Out of those difficult, tedious and time consuming statistics topics, 6 questions from stats – each of about 1 line--was about discovery and ratio estimation only, and one discovery question was asked 2 times with slightly different wording. This shows that one should not do selective study while preparing CIA, for if a person has prepared stats chapter completely, did all topics and memorized formulas, but just left 3-4 lines of discovery sampling/ratio estimation, (s)he could be punished in the exam.

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