Need information in a Flash? The IIA’s Flash Surveys Can Help
The IIA’s Flash Surveys have the answers you're looking for when you need them the most. Flash Surveys are customized questionnaires that provide real-time solutions to real-world audit challenges. Starting in 2010, Flash Surveys will become a benefit of The IIA’s Audit Executive Center. To learn more about the Audit Executive Center, visit our homepage.

Nonmembers of the Audit Executive Center can request a Flash Survey for a fee. The fee per survey request for internal audit practitioners is USD $225. Service provider prices start at USD $500 and are based on the type of information to be collected and the data’s intended use. For more information, e-mail us at
We Maintain Your Anonymity
Information collected from each Flash Survey is maintained in an offline database to protect the security and integrity of data. Also, all responses remain anonymous, so no organizational identifiers can be divulged.
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