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Course Listing

Audit Committee Training
This seminar increases awareness of governance issues and audit committee effectiveness. It promotes audit committee and risk management best practices, and helps you complete a meaningful self-assessment of your organization's governance process.

Course Highlights

Briefings on Current Issues
  • Governance cycles and trends
  • Sarbanes-Oxley and SEC requirements
  • Current issues and events in your industry/sector
  • Changes in audit committee roles and responsibilities
What the Audit Committee Needs to Know
  • Enterprise risk management: emerging trends, practices, and benefits
  • Control models and frameworks: your organization's control environment
  • The changing nature of internal auditing
  • Your organization's risk profile and key business risk priorities
Audit Committee Practices and Resources
  • Financial reporting oversight practices
  • Audit committee charters and composition, working relationships with management and auditors, training and resources, and meetings
  • Opportunities to improve your committee's effectiveness
  • Self-assessment of your committee

Workshop facilitators are leaders in the internal auditing profession, experienced in communicating and working with audit committees and boards of directors.

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