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 “One of the best rewards for facilitating with the IIA is working with and getting to know auditors from a wide variety of businesses, governmental organizations, and other groups.

No matter where they audit or what concentration their audits take, auditors share many of the same challenges. Helping auditors find ways to do their jobs better and helping them to find ways to improve the receptiveness of their efforts and recommendations are great bonuses and nice things to see and feel as a facilitator.”


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 The expertise and professionalism of our On-site Training facilitators is a significant component in The IIA being recognized worldwide as the leader in audit training. Our instructors are internal audit professionals who understand your challenges and opportunities because they have worked through them in their own careers.   

You can be confident the instructor leading your course is a skilled communicator. And, with more than 60 On-site Training facilitators, we can work to ensure the best fit for your course and your team. Our current featured instructor is:


Mark KolmanMark Kolman, CIA, CPA, CISA, CFE, is a general audit manager for a government entity. He specializes in fraud detection training for auditors, accountants, and business organizations. His work experience includes private and public accounting, nonprofit and governmental auditing, and audit supervision for large entities within the agricultural, financial services, and utility industries. His background has given him analytical and detection skills relating to defalcation schemes, contractor fraud, embezzlements, kickbacks, and misappropriation of funds and other assets. Mark also teaches college level financial and managerial accounting courses. 

While working for a Fortune 500 utility, Mark supervised risk-based audits facilitating fraud detection and prevention, risk mitigation, and corporate and regulatory compliance for the company’s energy, telecommunication, and logistical service subdivisions. He headed development of a corporate wide fraud awareness course for managers and supervisors. He also worked closely with his organization’s legal group, assisting in fraud and ethics investigations. Read Mark’s complete biographical information.

Take a look at what course participants are saying about Mark!

Mark Kolman was one of the best teachers I've ever encountered. The students were mutually supportive and active participants. The class size (10) was excellent. It contributed to the collegial atmosphere. 

The instructor was very effective with teaching the course. Bring him back for other courses!
The instructor was very knowledgeable and was able to provide real life examples which made the course more interesting
Mark did an excellent job of presenting. Because we had the seminar on-site with all our IA members present, we were able to have more meaningful discussions than I believe that we would have if others would have been in attendance.
Excellent instructor, well organized.
The instructor tailored the class to meet our needs as government auditors.
The instructor was excellent and was very informative. He made the course very interesting.
The instructor was able to relate the material to our specific job descriptions
Instructor encouraged class participation.
The instructor made every attempt to engage the group by asking us details about the function we perform in order to get a better grasp on our jobs to relate the course materials and exercises directly to our functions. He did a great job.
Instructor tailored the class to what we desired to learn.
The teacher's experience in auditing was very helpful.
The Instructor has full command of the material.
Excellent instructor made the course very interesting!
The instructor was well prepared and used good, real-life examples and stories to convey lessons.
Mark brought real-world experience to the course - his examples kept the class involved.
The instructor encouraged group participation. The instructor also advised the class to write down all the tips he discussed and encouraged the class to think of and write down new ways to be more effective in auditing.
The conversational approach that the instructor used was helpful in making the concepts meaningful.
Mark did a nice job of keeping on tract and encouraging class participation. He also did well reinforcing important points and issues. Very nice job.
Excellent real-life examples provided by the instructor.
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