2011 Thurston Award Winner
"Document Retention in an E-world" (April 2010)
Julia N. Karcher, PHD, CMA 
Robert M. Barker, PHD 
Andrew T. Cobb, PHD, CCE 
2011 Outstanding Contributors
“A Prescription for FCPA Compliance” (February 2010)
Matt Birk
“The Fraud Beneath the Surface” (February 2010)
Fernando Cancino, CIA
“Auditing FCPA Compliance Risk” (October 2010)
Mitchell Ettinger
"Leonardo and the Auditor" (February 2010)
Lawrence Metzger, PHD, CPA, CMA, CFM
"Blended Engagements" (October 2010)
Michael J. Head, CIA, CPA, CMA, CISA 
Kurt Reding, PHD, CIA, CPA, CMA 
Cris Riddle Shreve, CIA



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