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1941-2011: Seven Decades of Success
A Sharper Focus
Building an Internal Audit Function
Raising the Stature of Internal Auditing
Knowledge Sharing

Taming the Beast: Reining in Health-care Fraud
Managing the Complexity of Risk
The Dodd-Frank Construction Zone
CBOK 2010: The State of the Profession
The Information Security Control Environment
Casablanca: Almost the Greatest Audit Movie Ever Made

Navigating Risk Management
The Outsourcing Relationship (Extended Version)
Mapping Your Career
A Smarter Compliance Process
The Whole World's Talking
The Relevant IT Audit

The Borderless Enterprise
Assess Our Relevance
Auditing the Cloud
Mobile Computing (Extended Version)
Glossary of Four-letter Words (IA Humor Extended Version)


A Stronger Partnership
The Guardians of Public Trust
Abandon Ship!
Passionate About the Profession
Effective Audit Supervision
Risk and the Butterfly

Raising Internal Audit's Potential
The Strategy Audit
Auditing By-products
External Assessments as Tactical Tools
Big Ideas for Small Audit Shops
Internal Auditing: The Game

CPE Quiz

Online Exclusives

So You Want to Make a Change (December)
Ensuring Public Sector Integrity and Accountability
Fraud in Faith-based Organizations (September)
Have You Conducted a Data Protection Audit Lately? (September)
Cloud Computing (August Slideshow)
What Your Audit Committee Wants and Needs (July)
Rev Up Your Career (June Slideshow)
Getting a Head Start (April)
View From the Outside (April Slideshow)
A History of Great Leaders (February Slideshow)



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