Fraud Findings Archive


Constructing Corruption

The Perils of Grant Fraud

Fraudster on the Run

A Lapse in Governance

Audit Committees Put on Notice

The VAT Scam

Property Fraud Alleged

The Gambling Priest

Oil and Gas Fraud Gushes Forth

Fraudulent Benefits



A Sour Tune

Murder of Bank Manager Tied to Fraud

False Bidders Target Hotel Owner

Fraud for Sport

Not-guilty Verdict for Nortel

Time Theft Is a Bumpy Road for Employees

Suing the Auditors

Horsing Around With Food Fraud

An Unhealthy Fraud

Fraud by Concealment

Governing Nonprofit Fraud

Resuscitating Medical Fraud Prevention

Investigating Corruption

Security Tester Tells All

Laundering Money Online

The Corrupt Congressman

Investigating Fraud in the Vatican

Traveling First Class

Fraud in the Supply Chain

The Art of Fake Masterpieces

Mayoral Abuse of Power

Unfair Play

Suspicious Reviews

New Year, New Frauds


Revealing Ghost Employees

Disabled Financial Controls

Pinching the PTA for Thousands of Dollars

"Guestimating" Expense Reserves

Policing Special Pay Programs

Accommodations for Fraud

Multi-state Check Fraud

University Officials Accused of Fleecing Funds

Files Vanish Before City Audit

Welfare-to-Work Whistleblower

Fraud Heats Up at an Oil Company

Taking the Transit Authority for a Ride

The Dishonest Politician

The Fictitious Lawyer

The High Price of Falsifying Documents

Chasing Tax Fraud

Milking the Military for Millions

Fighting False Advertising Fraud

Faking an Audit Report

Cashing in With Company Credit Cards

Payment Transfer Fraud

Embezzlement in the Tribe

Constructing Fraud


Illegitimate Investment Products

Swindling Senator Pockets Small Change

Deceiving Duo Defrauds Fortune 500 Company

Flirting With Fraud

Internal to Independent Audit

Unjustified Compensation

An Overstimulated Stimulus Package

Utility Audit Creates Sparks

An Ailing Corporate Credit Card Program

Transportation Employees Cash Out

General Counsel Gets Creative

Double Crossing the Donors

Getting Schooled in Fraud

Guarding Against False Claims

Sticky-fingered Cashier Steals Thousands

Skimming School Funds

University: Manager Runs Off With Equine Program Funds

Auditor Defrauds Taxpayers

Cracking Down on Collusion

Cashing In on Fake Employees

Credit Union CEO Embezzles Thousands

Defrauding a Town in Financial Crisis

Corporate Victims of Identity Theft

Bookkeeper Bilks Thousands From Vet Clinic


Fraud Reporting Is on the Rise

Taking Credit

University Employees Get Schooled in Credit Card Fraud

Siphoning CFO Gets Caught in an 8-year Fraud

A Not-So-Equal Opportunity Business

There's No Accounting for Fraud

Cozening Councilman Gets His Day in Court

Ammunition for Fraud

Banking on Poor Segregation of Duties

The Unsupervised Loan Supervisor

Crime Against the Environment

Small Frauds Equal Big Losses

Even Sewage Isn't Immune to Fraud

Colluding Vendor Reaps Big Profits

Cheating Clerk Rips Off School System

Insulating Against Fraud

Siphoning Office Manager Pockets Millions

A Fraud of Industrial Proportions

The Bilking Business Lender

The Case of the Embezzling CIO


Corruption Goes to College

Inside Retail Fraud

Manufacturing Conflicts of Interest

Economic Downturn Opens the Door for Employee Embezzlement

Economic Instability Exposes Schools to Fraud

The High Cost of Insurance Fraud

Fraudsters Work Overtime

Disbursement Schemes Made Easy

Blowing the Whistle on Fraud


Not-for-Profits Are No Stranger to Occupational Fraud

The Importance of Strong Controls

Tips Remain the Most Common Method of Fraud Detection

Theft Increasing in the Manufacturing Sector

Unchecked Authority Exposes Organizations to Countless Frauds




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