Professional Development
The CAE's Journey 
Prepare for Certification
Cultivating Soft Skills 
Become a Better Interviewer 
The Accidental Auditor

The CAE as CEO
Avoiding the Void
Building an Internal Audit Function
Effective Audit Supervision
Values-based Leadership



Future Thinking
A Glimpse of the Future
Skeumorphs and Cowpaths
Imagine the Possibilities!
Prioritizing Risks for the Future
Step Up to the Plate

Effective AML Compliance
A Smarter Compliance Process
Overcoming Checkbox Compliance
The Impact of Regulation on Information System Planning
Aiding the Compliance Effort

Digital Business
Big Data, Big Risks
Auditing the BYOD Program
Cloud Computing: What's the Hype About?
Facing IT Risk Head-on
The Social Media Scene




The Next Generation
Mapping Your Career
More Experience Required?
The Intergenerational Divide
Ready to Work
The Multigenerational Workforce

IT Governance Integration
Auditing Governance Processes
Pay Attention to the "Blind Spots"
What Your Audit Committee Wants and Needs
A Stronger Partnership

Data Analytics
The Human Side of Analytics
Directions for the Data Analytics Journey
The Next Wave of Business Monitoring
Leveraging Data Analysis Software
Accounting for Words


Ethics Beyond Borders
The Voice of Ethics
A Lapse of Ethics
Assess Your Organization's Code of Ethics
Do the Right Thing

Fraud Risk
Inside the Fraudster's Mind
Effective AML Compliance
Fraud in Faith-based Organizations
Taming the Beast: Reining in Health-care Fraud
Fighting High-tech Fraud

The Changing Face of IT Risk
Auditing the Cloud
Mobile Computing
Have You Conducted a Data Protection Audit Lately?
The Consumerization of IT




Business Continuity
Tips for Disaster Recovery Planning
Plan for the Worst
In Times of Crisis
The IT Auditor's Role in Business Continuity Management
Is Your Organization's Business Continuity Plan Effective?

The Dodd-Frank Construction Zone
Auditing FCPA Compliance Risk
Document Retention in an E-world
Fair Lending Is High on the Regulatory Radar
Ensuring Regulatory Compliance From Day One

Recession-related Risk
Auditing in Tight Times
Fraud in a Down Economy
A New Direction
What Happened to ERM?
Heightened Fraud Risks

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