• Feature by Russell A. Jackson
    Taking the Lead Honorable Mentions
    Taking the Lead

    Meet 20 emerging leaders who are making a difference in their organizations and helping shape the future of the internal audit profession.

  • Ask the Experts by Dennis McGuffie
    Ask the Experts
    Too Much Transparency?

    A newly hired chief audit executive calls for transparency in the audit department, only to be met with skepticism, disdain, and complaints to the company’s ethics hotline.

  • Blog by Richard Chambers
    5 Risks That Should Be on the Internal Audit Radar - Now!

    If you typically undertake risk assessments only once or twice a year, you may not have incorporated several risks that have suddenly burst onto the radar of management or the board of your organization.

  • ITAudit  by Larry C. Herzog Butler
    Three Steps to Building Heat Maps

    Heat maps are a useful and easy-to-make tool for visualizing risk data.

  • News
    IIA Honors Distinguished Audit Practitioners

    The IIA's North American Board announced the 2014 inductees to the American Hall of Distinguished Audit Practitioners. Recipients were honored at The Institute's General Audit Management Conference in Orlando.

  • Guest Blog by Theresa M. Grafenstine
    Where Were the Auditors?

    When we look back over the past few years and think about the variety of systems deployed by federal agencies to interface with their employees or the public, are we basking in the glow of success?

  • Feature by Stephen W. Minder, Linda Leinicke, and W. Max Rexroad
    What Do You Measure?

    CAEs say defining key performance metrics can provide substantive data on internal audit’s value to the organization.

  • Update Q&A with Mike Roemer
    A Win-win Partnership

    Internal audit and compliance can work together to streamline processes and avoid duplication of efforts, says Mike Roemer, former head of internal audit and newly appointed head of compliance for Barclays.

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