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Are Auditors Taking IT Governance Seriously?
Three Steps to Building Heat Maps


What Can Auditors Do About Data Breaches? 
Aligning Risk IT Spending


Data Under Siege
The Battle Over SCADA Systems
Time to Turn Around Privacy Programs
At Odds
Risks Galore: Why Keep All That Data?
Pressure Rising to Disclose Security Risks


Guidance Explores Appropriate Use of Data Sampling
Risk Assessments of Outsourced Service Providers
Automating Transaction Testing
Mobile and Cloud Computing Widespread Despite Risks
Survey Details Shortcomings in IT Risk Assessment and Audit Practices


Cloud Computing: What's the Hype About?
So You Want to Be an IT Auditor?
Using Privacy and Governance Guidance to Address Privacy Concerns
The Human Side of Audit Analytics
Is Security Falling by the Wayside?


News: Fraud, Data Governance, and CAE Worries
Reports Paint Mixed Picture of the State of Business Information Security
Business Partnering
The Consumerization of IT
Auditing the Incident and Problem Management Process


New Technologies Outpacing Efforts to Control Risks
Executives Bullish About Information Security

IT Change Management
Directions for the Data Analytics Journey


Mandate Sets Direction for CIOs
Regulations Top IT Audit Concerns
Assessing the Quality of the IT Audit Function
Data Classification
Tips for Disaster Recovery Planning


Flood of New Applications Exposes Leaky Data Defenses
Identity Audit Applications Streamline User Access Reviews
Leading Security Concerns for 2010
Back With a Vengeance


A False Sense of Security
Reducing PCI DSS Audit Scope
Putting IT Governance Into Action (from the June 2008 issue of Internal Auditor)


Segregated Duties in Fashion (from the February issue of Internal Auditor)
Fighting High-tech Fraud (from June issue of Internal Auditor)
A Holistic Approach to Access Reviews


The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Eliminating Spreadsheet Risks
The InfoSec Layer Methodology
Simplifying Segregation of Duties
The Impact of Regulation on Information System Planning


Question of Relevancy
The Five C's of IT Policy
The Science of Wireless

On the Road to E-discovery Compliance
Laying the Foundation for ERP Implementation Success
Prescription for Health-care Audits

Evaluating SAP Controls for Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance
Auditing IT Project Management
Using GAIT for PCI Compliance

The Fundamentals of Identity and Access Management
Research and Technology: The Perfect Audit Combination


Discovering IT: Identifying New Technology Trends
Improving Spreadsheet Audits in Six Steps
Click Fraud: Risk and Controls

The Path to IT Audit
Six Steps to an Effective Continuous Audit Process
Putting Benford's Law to Work

Aligning People, Processes, and Technology for Effective Risk Management
Assessing IT Risks in the Health-care Industry
The IT Auditor's Role in Business Continuity Management

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