• Feature by Russell A. Jackson
    Taking the Lead Honorable Mentions
    Taking the Lead

    Meet 20 emerging leaders who are making a difference in their organizations and helping shape the future of the internal audit profession.

  • Ask the Experts by Dennis McGuffie
    Ask the Experts
    Too Much Transparency?

    A newly hired chief audit executive calls for transparency in the audit department, only to be met with skepticism, disdain, and complaints to the company’s ethics hotline.

  • Blog by Carolyn Saint
    The Power of Civility

    Increasing your civility helps stakeholders view you as a trusted adviser. Read Carolyn Saint's latest blog discussing the ways civility can make you feel good as an auditor and a person.

  • ITAudit  by Larry C. Herzog Butler
    Three Steps to Building Heat Maps

    Heat maps are a useful and easy-to-make tool for visualizing risk data.

  • Feature by Craig Guillot
    Mentoring That Matters
    Mentoring That Matters

    Sharing knowledge and expertise makes for well-rounded, relevant auditors. Mentoring comes in all shapes and sizes, ranging from formalized structures to loosely formed relationships founded on a common interest.

  • Blog by Richard Chambers
    Managing Perceptions: What Should Internal Auditors Say on the Elevator? 

    Developing an effective 60-second elevator speech can improve your ability to make a strong first impression with those outside the profession. Read Richard Chambers' latest blog discussing how to create an appealing 60-second pitch.

  • Feature by Stephen W. Minder, Linda Leinicke, and W. Max Rexroad
    What Do You Measure?

    CAEs say defining key performance metrics can provide substantive data on internal audit’s value to the organization.

  • Update Q&A with Mike Roemer
    A Win-win Partnership

    Internal audit and compliance can work together to streamline processes and avoid duplication of efforts, says Mike Roemer, former head of internal audit and newly appointed head of compliance for Barclays.

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