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Published By The Institute of Internal Auditors   
September 2014

New Year Presents Opportunity for Gaining New Perspectives

Internal auditing is constantly evolving, bringing with it new challenges as well as established issues requiring examination from a new perspective. To support practitioners, The IIA Research Foundation has established 2012 priority research topics and invites researchers to submit proposals on:

  • Effective Use of Technology — examples, barriers, and reporting implications.
  • Ethical Behavior Auditing — defining unethical behavior and identifying reliable indicators.
  • Fraud — anticipating and preparing for what is coming next.
  • Internal Audit Communications — communicating results, providing insights, and leveraging emerging trends.
  • Responding to Significant Risk Events — internal audit’s role throughout the process.
  • Internal Audit and Strategic Direction —– how internal audit adds value as it relates to the organization’s strategic direction.Common Body of Knowledge

Additionally, The IIARF is leveraging the power of the 2010 Common Body of Knowledge (CBOK) by simultaneously releasing three CBOK-related RFPs:

  • Internal Audit Around the World: A Perspective on Global Regions.
  • IT and Internal Audit.
  • IA: Quality Assurance and Improvement.

In addition to submitting a proposal to conduct research, your chapter or company can participate by sponsoring a research project listed above. There are many benefits that come with sponsorship. Please contact Karen.revels@theiia.org for sponsorship information. Complete RFPs will be posted January 16, 2012. Review Proposal Guidelines and submit your proposal by March 12, 2012.


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