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Published By The Institute of Internal Auditors   
September 2014

IIA Launches New Video-sharing Site

The IIA has launched AuditChannel.tv, a new video-sharing site, addressing the specific needs of internal auditors and the business community. With video channels focused on areas such as fraud, governance, risk, technology, operations, compliance, and more, AuditChannel.tv enables internal audit professionals worldwide to search for and post videos that address the topics of greatest interest to the profession. There’s even an entire channel for chapters!

As an IIA member, you are invited to register as a user at www.AuditChannel.tv or www.AuditChannel.tv/mobile (for mobile devices). Once registered, you can view, rate, and comment on the site's current content — and add your own. Contributing content is easy. Grab your mobile phone or sit in front of your webcam, film a short segment (two to five minutes in length), and post to AuditChannel.tv using the instructions provided on the site.

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