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April 2013

 2013 Leaders Academy

Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines!

Here at IIA HQ we’re excited to be working with your District Representatives and District Advisors (members of the Chapter Relations Committee or CRC) to plan ways to help you Speed to Succeed in the 2013 – 2014 chapter year. As your “pit crew,” we’re on track to make sure you are tuned up and ready to roll through the following opportunities:

Leadership Academy: Speed to Succeed

The race begins with the 2013 Leadership Academy, April 28 – 30 at Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resorts in Lake Buena Vista (Orlando), Fla., USA. The expectation is that 100% of our chapters send representatives — so if your chapter has not yet identified a “driver,” please do so — and have them register today!

Connect: Rev Up Your Relationships!

Whether you are personally attending the Leadership Academy or not, you can still be engaged in the conference by reading and sharing best practices on Twitter #IIALeadership13. Throughout the year, continue the conversation via Twitter @IIAChapters.

District Workshops: Steering in the Right Direction

Over the summer, you’ll be invited to attend District Workshops for more in-depth discussion and planning. Additionally, IIA staff and members of your CRC leadership team will be in attendance to share best practices and answer questions. We look forward to seeing you there!

Webinars by Role: Helping Leaders Change Lanes

Once the District Workshops are over, you will receive a schedule of webinars by Chapter Leader Role. These sessions are meant to help you move smoothly into a new “lane” and give you ideas on how to be incredibly amazing in your new chapter position.

We’re excited to navigate the road together with you and help you and your chapter Speed to Succeed in 2013 – 2014!



Sarah Rossio
Director, NA Membership

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Promote the 2013 International Conference and Earn CAP

2013 International Conference

 Is your chapter well on its way to earning 45 Chapter Achievement (CAP) points for supporting the 2013 International Conference (IC) by promoting it to your members? We’ve made it easy by providing the tools you need to fulfill the following tasks on the 2013 International Conference Toolkit (Communication) page as well as the official conference site www.iia2013ic.org:

  • Send a monthly e-mail promoting the conference.
  • Post the tile ad on your Chapter website (if you have an IIA-hosted website, we’ve already done this for you and it’s worth 6 points – cool, huh?)
  • Deliver a PowerPoint presentation at a member meeting or event.
  • Host an Orlando-themed event and post pictures on Facebook.
  • Post International Conference-related news on your website or in your newsletter.

Registration has already surpassed 1,000 and we hope to welcome you and your chapter members to the Orlando World Center Marriott Resort and Convention Center this July. Early registration rates are available through April 30, 2013. The IIA’s goal is representation from every U.S. chapter, so thank you in advance for helping us reach that goal.

To further encourage chapters to promote the 2013 International Conference and to help make it one of the largest gatherings of internal auditors in the world, CAP points will be awarded to chapters for their chapter member registration counts as of April 15th based on 1 point per member per chapter.  


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Chapter Reporting is Here and Live

Chapter Certification reports are now available to Chapter Administrators. Click here to access the Chapter Reporting Certification User Manual.

To access the reports, the Chapter Administrator must log in to The IIA's website on Chapter Leader Login, then Reporting (from the right side-bar), and then Chapter Reporting.

Four new reports will be made available the first Friday of each month, and they are:

  • Candidate Demographic Data - Provides a list of all individuals that have identified with your chapter, members and nonmembers.
  • Exam Status Report - This report details exam level status for a candidate and is meant to help chapters identify training and review course opportunities for exam preparation.
  • Recently Certified Report - This report details candidates who have achieved a certified status in one of the 5 certification programs within the prior year and year-to-date.
  • Program Status Report - this report details program level status for a candidate i.e., applied, approved, certified, inactive.

Our goal is to provide chapters with the tools needed to be involved in the certification process and to more effectively market the certification programs to chapter members. Visit the Certification Toolkit for more resources https://na.theiia.org/ch-leaders/comm-tools/pages/iia-certification-toolkit.aspx.

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Certification in Risk Management Assurance (CRMA®) Update

As many of you probably know, the period to apply for the Professional Experience Recognition (PER) for North American members has ended along with the period to submit your substantiating documentation, which was January 31, 2013.

If you have missed these deadlines, you can still earn your CRMA.

Register for the exam and join the more than 8,000 certified individuals and more than 5,000 still pending approval who have seen how valuable this certification is.

You can begin registering for the inaugural CRMA exam on May 1, 2013, and begin sitting for the exam July 1, 2013. Follow this link or share this link with your chapter's members to get started today: https://na.theiia.org/certification/crma-certification/pages/eligibility-requirements.aspx

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The eStore Now Offers CRMA Branded Products

Remind your chapter members to visit the Certifications eStore today. Here members can purchase high quality merchandise selected for the busy certified professional. All of the products are branded with IIA certification logos. The store was launched with our flagship certification, the CIA, and we now have added our popular CRMA brand on these great products.  

These products are exclusive to IIA certificants only. If members do not hold an IIA certification, they will be unable to purchase a logo-branded product.  

Proudly display your certification achievement with these professional grade products today.

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Announcing the New Document Upload Portal

Access Certification Document Upload PortalThe IIA has created an easy-to-use, secure method to transmit required documentation to the Certifications department that will enhance the candidate’s experience. 

This new process affects those candidates who have not yet submitted items such as experience, character reference, or educational documentation. The Document Upload Portal is fully functional and all candidates will be directed to begin using this vehicle for all new documentation to be submitted. The portal was developed to enhance a certification candidate’s experience by:

  • Reducing response and document processing times.
  • Streamlining the document submission process.
  • Creating a secure transmission method.

This new process is quick, efficient, and secure. As of April 30, 2013, certification candidates will no longer need to email this information to certification@theiia.org; in fact, this address will be deactivated as of April 30, 2013.

To access the Document Upload Portal and learn more, click here.



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The CIA Exam Transition is on the HorizonCertified Internal Auditor

The launch of the new 3-Part CIA exam is drawing near. Registration for the new exam will open on May 1, 2013, and candidates can begin sitting for the exam July 1, 2013.

This is a topic of much discussion among CIA candidates. To help with their decision making, we created the Transition Planning Tool which will provide answers for candidates who have passed some parts of the existing exam. 

For information about the new exam, to see the syllabus and other details about the new 3-part exam, please visit https://na.theiia.org/certification/cia-certification/pages/cia-2013-transition.aspx

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Consider Test Development Teams for Your Chapter

Already Certified

The Test Development Team approach to developing certification exam questions has had a positive effect on the quality of the exam questions we have received for the CIA and CRMA exams. Please take a moment to watch and share this short video to learn about the Test Development Team approach used by The IIA’s Ak-Sar-Ben Chapter, located in Omaha, Nebraska.

With the launch of these two new exams in 2013, along with the ongoing attention to quality and relevance in all the exams we administer, our exam development team is always looking for quality question submissions from certified members.

If you’ve never written an exam question before, don’t worry — no question writing experience is necessary. In addition to the newly released exam syllabus and other background material, we will provide training online via our website and webinars. If you are interested in learning more, please email examwriter@theiia.org, or visit our website here.

For another perspective, watch this video from Glenn Ho, Chair of The IIA’s Exam Development Committee, Where Do Exam Questions Come From?


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New! 3-Part CIA Exam Preparations with The IIA’s CIA Learning System®

The IIA is pleased to announce that The IIA’s CIA Learning System study materials for the new 2013 3-Part CIA exam are now available!

What’s New?

  • Content has been updated, reorganized, and enhanced for the 2013
    3-Part CIA exam.
  • Study materials are now accessible via e-reader devices.
  • Online study tools have been optimized for mobile devices.
  • Study plans and reporting tools have been enhanced for ease of use.

Your members can be among the first in the world to receive their study materials to begin preparations for the 3-Part CIA exam. For complete details or to order, please direct your members to www.LearnCIA.com.

3-Part CIA Exam Materials Now Available! Order Today!

 If your members are currently studying for the 4-Part CIA exam, they can continue on as planned until December 31, 2013. If they are unable to complete all the exam parts by this time, The IIA has a generous CIA transition plan, and purchasers of The IIA’s CIA Learning System may qualify for the 2013 Upgrade Guarantee. Complete details are available at www.LearnCIA.com/upgrade

For more information on instructor-led courses or the Chapter of Excellence program, please contact Kelly Quinn, IIA Regional Partnership Manager, at kelly.quinn@theiia.org or +1-651-905-2671.


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Supporting Your CAE Members    

The IIA’s Chief Audit Executive (CAE) Services team is excited to be joining our top leaders at the 2013 Leadership Academy in April and held in Orlando, Fla. While at the Academy, please make plans to stop by their Audit Executive Center booth in the exhibit hall to learn how we can help you recruit and retain your CAE members as well as further discuss earning Chapter Achievement Program (CAP) points for your CAE recruitment/retention efforts.

And don’t forget, you can access the recently developed CAE Recruitment Toolkit within your Chapter Leader Resources web pages under the Communications section. Here you will find valuable templates including sample letters, invitations, and best practices for recruiting and retaining CAEs.

If you would like to have a CAE Services representative help manage, facilitate, or participate in one of your upcoming chapter CAE roundtables or other events, please contact us at CAE@theiia.org.

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The Internal Audit Academic Awareness Program

The IIA commends academic institutions of higher learning and universities that promote internal audit awareness and education through their curricula. The IIA understands that it requires dedication and university resources to support internal audit education. The IIA also understands that not all universities are able to devote the same commitment to teaching internal auditing. However, any commitment to building awareness of internal auditing, regardless of magnitude, can make a huge difference to a student searching for a career.

As a result, The IIA’s Academic Relations Department now offers an Awareness Program to recognize the efforts made by universities to provide students with internal audit education and knowledge about the profession and its career paths.

Here is a description of suggested university curricula accepted by The IIA Internal Audit Academic Awareness Program:

  • Awareness Building – acknowledges universities teaching internal auditing within an established (external) audit course or other course compatible with internal auditing such as ethics, governance, business, management, and more. Students are introduced to the concepts of internal auditing as well as a discussion of the similarities and differences between the internal and external audit disciplines. A minimum of one classroom hour and a minimum of one to two exam questions on the topic of internal auditing are required.
  • Introduction to the Profession – acknowledges universities teaching internal auditing as a standalone internal audit course such as Principles of Internal Auditing or Operational Auditing. This course provides students with an introduction to the profession and key activities of an entry level internal auditor.
  • Internal Audit Diploma – acknowledges the importance of a non-degree learning environment such as a certificate or diploma program in internal auditing and is considered a post-baccalaureate program. Many individuals who have received their baccalaureate/bachelor degree in Accounting or other discipline may now work in the field of internal auditing. However, they may wish to learn more about internal auditing without enrolling in a master’s or post-graduate degree program. They may prefer to study internal auditing through a university setting in the form of a diploma or certificate program. This type of certificate or diploma program is generally three to four courses in the specialized topic. The following is a list of courses that may be considered for a certificate/diploma program: 
    • Principles of Internal Auditing
    • Fraud Identification and Investigation Principles
    • IT Auditing
    • Advanced Auditing
    • Audit Data Analytics

Benefits of Participating in The IIA’s Internal Audit Academic Awareness Program

  • Universities utilizing in IIA’s Global Model Internal Audit Curriculum have access to various materials for use in the classroom.
  • Enhanced opportunities to network with other educators teaching internal auditing to share ideas and materials.
  • Employers hiring internal auditors will be turning to The IIA’s list of participating universities with the IAEP programs for their organization’s new talent.
  • Guest speakers may be provided upon request.

Encourage the universities in your area to apply for the Internal Audit Academic Awareness Program if they qualify. For more information about the program or to apply, visit the Academic Relations Toolkit and Materials.   

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Maunda Land Accepts New Position as College and University Relations Manager

In February, Maunda Land began a new assignment at The IIA. The former Chapter Relations Manager will now be coordinating the association’s internal audit awareness efforts at colleges and universities. In her new position as College and University Relations Manager with The IIA, Maunda will oversee the Internal Audit Academic Advancement Fund as its secretary/treasurer and lead the global association’s efforts to expand internal audit programs at colleges and universities and expose students to the internal audit profession.  

Maunda looks forward to working with chapters on their academic relations outreach efforts. Please contact Maunda 407-937-1314 or academic@theiia.org


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Your Chapter Could be Featured in IIA Connection and/or IIA Today

Chapters, now you have an opportunity to highlight your leading practices and have them published in IIA Connection and/or IIA Today. These publications offer chapters an opportunity to submit short or feature articles about chapter activities, practices, members, and more.

Articles for IIA Connection should average around 75 words and articles for IIA Today should be approximately 500 words. All articles should be submitted with high-resolution pictures (if possible) in the form of jpg or png files. Simply follow the Online Submission Requirements and submit articles for either publication.

This is a great new way to earn CAP points! As a bonus, one CAP point can be claimed for every Chapter Spotlight form submission and five CAP points can be claimed for each article published.

Submit your articles today!

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Let’s Celebrate! May is International Internal Audit Awareness Month

The IIA has long worked to build awareness of the internal audit profession and its value. Not only does this help to dispel widespread misperceptions of the profession, but it also enhances the business community’s knowledge of the role internal auditing plays in strong internal control and effective risk management. 

As organizations’ management and board of directors fully understand and appreciate the value professional internal auditing brings to the organization, they are prone to more effectively tap into the internal auditors’ expertise and knowledge at the strategy table, as well as ensure the internal audit activity is adequately sourced. In addition, as the public becomes more aware of the profession, the number of young people to consider it as a viable career option grows exponentially.  

As a member of the profession and a leader of your chapter, you play an important role in building awareness of the tremendous value internal auditing brings to its diverse stakeholders. May is International Internal Audit Awareness Month — the perfect opportunity to promote the profession and its important role in organizational governance, internal control, and risk management. The IIA encourages chapters to participate in this important celebration to elevate the profession and promote it to audit customers, executive management, boards of directors, and local communities. We all play a role in telling the world about internal auditing’s value and importance to good business. 

In the month of May, Chapters and Institutes around the world are encouraged to showcase the value of the internal audit activity in a variety of ways including but not limited to:

  • Hosting special events such as luncheons or receptions to present local area business leaders with an overview of the ways internal auditors support executive management in achieving organizational goals and objectives.
  • Submitting a request for a proclamation from a local government official formally acknowledging International Internal Audit Awareness Month.
  • Participating in a local post-secondary or university career night to promote internal auditing to students who may be unaware of the various opportunities available within the profession.  

Regardless of how your chapter chooses to share the purpose and value of internal auditing with your community, the most important message to take away is that building awareness takes time and consistent effort. Promoting the profession is good for internal auditing, good for internal auditors, and good for The IIA, which makes available tools and resources to all internal auditors, IIA members, and our Chapter and Institute leaders in support of this important initiative. 

Start preparing now for this year’s International Internal Audit Awareness Month, and help raise awareness about our beloved profession. With the help of The IIA’s new Building Awareness toolkit, you will find it easy educate coworkers about internal auditing and to elevate the profession in your community through local IIA chapter initiatives. The toolkit contains plentiful ideas, easy-to-follow steps, sample programs, and useful tools and templates to guide you along the way. Check the website frequently, as many of these tools will be updated in the coming months. 

We challenge you and your members to become actively engaged in the global movement to elevate the internal audit profession. We have come a long way over the past two decades, and it’s clear that today’s internal auditors are respected and valued much more than their predecessors. However, our work is far from finished! 

We also encourage you to post on our Facebook page the photos of your chapter and individual Awareness Month activities. Follow The IIA on Facebook at www.facebook.com/TheInstituteOfInternalAuditors. Also email your photos and let us know about your activities PR@theiia.org.

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Come Meet Us and Get Your On-site Training Gift Certificate at the 2013 Leadership Academy

Pick up a $500 gift certificate your chapter can use for any On-site Training session arranged by our team during the months of June through December 2013!

On-site Training Team

Can’t wait for the 2013 Leadership Academy to make On-site Training arrangements? Reference DL2013 and contact us today at
+1-407-937-1388 or GetTraining@theiia.org.


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Chapter Book of the Month

CAE Strategic Relationships: Building Rapport with the Executive Suite

All chapter members get 20% off CAE Strategic Relationships: Building Rapport with the Executive Suite through the end of April. Share this benefit with your chapter members. Share this benefit with your chapter members.

Today’s complex landscape requires a skill that is not necessarily new, but that is being recognized for its value and refined to maximize performance. CAE Strategic Relationships: Building Rapport with the Executive Suite captures the insights of in-depth interviews with 27 executives from 13 leading organizations in Europe and the United States to learn how relationships among organizational leaders can be leveraged to maximize performance.

Resources like these are only made possible through member contributions. Make an indelible mark when you donate to The IIA Research Foundation. Your leadership can inspire others to follow in your footsteps. Take the step today!One Small Step One Giant Leap Generously sponsored by IIA-Chicago and IIA-Philadelphia Chapters.

 The Institute of Internal Auditors Chicago Chapter



The Institute of Internal Auditros Philadelphia

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Upcoming IIA Regional Conferences

Central Regional Conference

Midwestern Regional conference

Take advantage of IIA training and networking in your own backyard.

The IIA is pleased to announce two new regional conference opportunities. The 2013 Central Regional Conference (Central Ohio Chapter) will be held Sept. 29–Oct. 2, 2013, at the Hilton Columbus at Easton in Columbus, Ohio, and the 2013 Midwestern Regional Conference (Twin Cities Chapter) will be held November 3–6, 2013, at the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis in Minneapolis, Minn. For more information regarding each conference, please contact the local chapters or visit The IIA conferences web page www.theiia.org/goto/conferences.

IIA regional conferences are hosted by local chapters and managed in partnership with IIA Global Headquarters. Interested in more information on how your chapter can apply to host a 2015 regional conference? Please contact Alaina Buckey, manager, Conferences and Executive Training, at alaina.buckey@theiia.org, or watch the pre-recorded IIA Regional Conference WebEx presentation. Chapters will have the opportunity to bid for a 2015 regional conference at The IIA’s 2013 Mid Year meetings toward the end of this year.

Mark your calendars now for the 2014 Regional Conferences.


2014 Central Regional Conference

2014 Northeastern Regional Conference

May 19 – 22, 2014 / Indianapolis, IN

September 6 – 9, 2014 / Brooklyn, NY

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The 2013 IIA Canada National Conference

IIA professionals across North America are poised to come together in Winnipeg to ‘Be here and be transformed’ for the 6th Annual IIA Canada National Conference. The event is September 29 to October 2, 2013 at the beautiful Fairmont Winnipeg, located in downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba.

This conference offers your organization an exceptional opportunity to showcase and reinforce your brand exposure within the internal auditing community. You will also have the opportunity to maximize your communication and interaction with conference participants and IIA members across many organizations.

This is an exciting program of Internal Auditing key professionals and will feature educational tracks that will be innovative and inspiring. The National Conference will assist professionals in a multitude of areas such as: internal auditing, risk management, governance, internal control, information technologies, education and security.

For more information go to: http://www.iiacanadanationalconference.com

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