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September 2011
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Soar to Success

Are you ready for your chapter to Soar to Success?

The key to a successful chapter is having a pool of individuals who are dedicated and engaged, committed not only to the advancement of the profession, but to the success of your local chapter network.  Would you like to increase that pool of individuals, growing your membership and enhancing your chapter’s ability to Soar to Success?

If you liked  the previous IIA membership initiatives, Membership Madness and Refer-a-Friend, you will love  Soar to Success – our newest chapter growth initiative. With special offers for prospective members in honor of The IIA’s 70th anniversary milestone, CAP Points, and more exciting prizes, your chapter will to Soar to Success.

Soar to Success is comprised of two key recruitment campaigns that will aid your chapter in reaching new heights.

Chapter Challenge / September 30-December 2, 2011

During this nine week campaign, we provide you with the tools to help you soar with three exciting membership offers: 

  • Individual membership at 70% of the regular rate for new IIA members, and we’ll waive the application fee
  • Audit group membership discounted 20% for organizations establishing new group memberships
  • Student Success membership rate of US $42.


3-2-1 Contact / Through December 31, 2011

The IIA Membership team is committed to assisting you in meeting your chapter growth goals, working with you to convert your key prospects into members.  Let us leverage our resources to nurture your non-member leads with a 3-point communication strategy.  Share your non-member list with us by December 31 and we will share featured offers and communicate the value of IIA membership directly to your potential members in 2012.

Soar to Success not only rewards your chapter by expanding your membership base, it recognizes the contributions of your members and leaders in maintaining a thriving and sustainable chapter with the awarding of CAP Points and other exciting incentives.  With eight points for your non-member list, four points for individual members, and up to 100 points for audit groups, this initiative could be just what your chapter needs to soar to the next Chapter Achievement Program Level.

Visit the Chapter Campaigns page for more information on each campaign, incentives, and the tools and resources to help your chapter soar.

If you have additional questions regarding the Soar to Success chapter growth initiative, please contact membershipdevelopment@theiia.org