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January 2012
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2012 is Our BIG Year!

Like it or not, 2012 is here. Many set new resolutions or goals to start the year off right. We hope you are working toward achieving them. Don’t give up! Remember, all good things come with consistent and continued effort.

While we are on the subject of goals, we hope you have some lofty, yet obtainable, goals for improving some aspect of your chapter — yes, set some BIG goals. The IIA’s Chapter Relations Department is committed to helping chapters and chapter leaders reach their goals and become their absolute best. We have developed a three-step process for you and your chapter to go BIG in 2012:


  1. Believe. As a chapter leader, you have to believe in your ability to excel in your job and in your volunteer role. Your volunteerism and career go hand and glove. We all know the importance of having and keeping a job, but did you know that the skills you develop while volunteering can and will directly improve your job performance? Continue to believe in your service to the profession! It can be rewarding to you personally and professionally.
  2.  Inspire. As a chapter leader you should set goals for your chapter that inspire you and your members. Sometimes leaders can become discouraged because their chapter goal was not achieved within one year. Don’t let the length of your term deter you from doing something great. Build consensus with your fellow board members concerning the strategic plan for your chapter and work toward them until they are accomplished.

    As a leader, there are also times when your inspiration wanes. When that happens, get inspired by hearing from others. There are several IIA tools designed to inspire and educate chapter leaders: engage in dialogue with others and stay inspired by posting a question or a success story on our LinkedIn Chapter Leaders Group Page; contact your District Representative (DR), District Advisor (DA), or Chapter Relations staff member; and be sure to attend your district workshop or the Leadership Academy. These events are designed to train, motivate and inspire you (see the rest of this newsletter for more information about these activities and meetings).
  3. Go for it! Without action there will be no success. Face your chapter’s challenges. Seek help and use your resources when needed. You are surrounded by a great support group, so enlist them! You can go BIG in 2012!