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January 2012
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Curriculum Updates

The curriculum Development department has implemented what is known as the curriculum Continuous Improvement Program (CIP). This program is designed to enhance the quality and consistency of IIA curriculum through a disciplined process on a continuous basis. With a focus on:
  • Establishing baseline standards for quality and ensuring all courses meet this minimum baseline, and
  • Adhering to instructional design standards, style and format guidelines, current IPPF version and NASBA requirements.

 NEW Courses Launched:


Operational Auditing: Influencing Positive Change

Launching in 2012, Operational Auditing: Influencing Positive Change replaces our current operational auditing courseware. Through focused activities and case studies, this course explores current and emerging business trends and issues across industry sectors. Participants will discover that operational auditing plays an important role in today’s business environment well beyond the realm of money, compliance, and traditional internal controls, and into the realm of a trusted business partner influencing management’s pursuit of operational excellence. 


Statistical Sampling for Internal Auditors

The IIA’s newest seminar, Statistical Sampling for Internal Auditors, gives you an opportunity to learn about the strategies and pitfalls regarding data collection, while providing answers to commonly asked questions. This course provides opportunities for participants to raise issues and concerns they are currently facing and to apply what they have learned to audits currently underway, particularly typical challenges faced by auditors in sample selection, data interpretation, generalization, and representativeness. 


Auditing the Cloud

This course introduces the seemingly new and specific risks of the various types of cloud computing. Through reviewing recent cloud computing failures and breaches, together with a detailed discussion of traditional contract compliance issues and associated risk mitigation strategies, participants will come away with an ability to assess and prioritize risks associated with their organization’s planned or existing implementation(s) of cloud computing.  For more information on this course, please contact Shauna.Vaughan@theiia.org.


Existing courses with UPDATES in-progress:

  • Auditor-in-Charge: Tools and Techniques
  • Enterprise Risk Management: An Introduction 
If you have any questions regarding curriculum updates, please contact:
Shauna LeBlanc Vaughan
Curriculum Quality & Design Manager