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Fall 2012
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Coming in September: Chapter Certification Reports 

Beginning in September, the Certification department will send certification reports to designated chapter presidents, chapter certification chairs, district representatives, and district advisors. This report comprises four reports that provide raw data on:

  • Program Status (Certified, Inactive, etc.)
  • Exam Status (Eligible, Registered, etc.)
  • Demographic Information (Name, email, etc.)
  • Recently Certified Report (members who have achieved an initial certification status in the last 365 days)

 It is our desire to provide chapters with the tools they need to be involved in the certification process and more effectively market the certification programs to their chapter members. In addition, chapters can use the certification toolkit to market the certification programs to chapter members. The toolkit consists of email templates, website tile ads, and promotional collateral for distribution via email, online, or at your chapter events. 

Please note:;In order to receive your chapter’s certification reports, the chapter president and/or chapter certification chair must be coded in the IIA database. Coding of officers can be done by the chapter (MMT) administrator. If you have not coded your chapter officers, please do so as soon as possible. If your chapter officers are not coded, chapters will not receive chapter leader communication, access to the chapter leader support web pages, or updates from IIA Headquarters.

IIA Launches a New Process for Certificate Printing and Fulfillment

Currently certification certificates are printed quarterly and sent to chapters for distribution at chapter events. Newly certified individuals provided The IIA Global Certifications department with overwhelming feedback about the current process. It was clear that designees felt the length of time for them to receive their certificate was too long and this delay led to a decreased sense of satisfaction and accomplishment after having achieved certification. Additionally, some chapters believed that distributing the certificates was too costly and burdensome. Therefore, beginning in August, certificates will be sent to the printing and fulfillment vendor on a weekly basis for shipping directly to newly certified candidates.

IIA Global Certifications understands that chapters provide recognition events for newly certified individuals and we still would like to encourage all chapters to continue acknowledging their new designees. Additional materials for the chapter toolkit are being developed (letters of congratulations, sample certificates, etc.) to provide chapters with tools to recognize newly certified members at chapter functions.

Certificate Size Change    

The new size for IIA certificates is now 9x12. Previously The IIA was using a custom size paper stock which was proving difficult to obtain and costly to maintain. The new size is a standard size certificate that will allow us to continue to showcase the CIA certificate as the flagship certification. Look for these new certificates soon.