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April 2013
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Let’s Celebrate! May is International Internal Audit Awareness Month

The IIA has long worked to build awareness of the internal audit profession and its value. Not only does this help to dispel widespread misperceptions of the profession, but it also enhances the business community’s knowledge of the role internal auditing plays in strong internal control and effective risk management. 

As organizations’ management and board of directors fully understand and appreciate the value professional internal auditing brings to the organization, they are prone to more effectively tap into the internal auditors’ expertise and knowledge at the strategy table, as well as ensure the internal audit activity is adequately sourced. In addition, as the public becomes more aware of the profession, the number of young people to consider it as a viable career option grows exponentially.  

As a member of the profession and a leader of your chapter, you play an important role in building awareness of the tremendous value internal auditing brings to its diverse stakeholders. May is International Internal Audit Awareness Month — the perfect opportunity to promote the profession and its important role in organizational governance, internal control, and risk management. The IIA encourages chapters to participate in this important celebration to elevate the profession and promote it to audit customers, executive management, boards of directors, and local communities. We all play a role in telling the world about internal auditing’s value and importance to good business. 

In the month of May, Chapters and Institutes around the world are encouraged to showcase the value of the internal audit activity in a variety of ways including but not limited to:

  • Hosting special events such as luncheons or receptions to present local area business leaders with an overview of the ways internal auditors support executive management in achieving organizational goals and objectives.
  • Submitting a request for a proclamation from a local government official formally acknowledging International Internal Audit Awareness Month.
  • Participating in a local post-secondary or university career night to promote internal auditing to students who may be unaware of the various opportunities available within the profession.  

Regardless of how your chapter chooses to share the purpose and value of internal auditing with your community, the most important message to take away is that building awareness takes time and consistent effort. Promoting the profession is good for internal auditing, good for internal auditors, and good for The IIA, which makes available tools and resources to all internal auditors, IIA members, and our Chapter and Institute leaders in support of this important initiative. 

Start preparing now for this year’s International Internal Audit Awareness Month, and help raise awareness about our beloved profession. With the help of The IIA’s new Building Awareness toolkit, you will find it easy educate coworkers about internal auditing and to elevate the profession in your community through local IIA chapter initiatives. The toolkit contains plentiful ideas, easy-to-follow steps, sample programs, and useful tools and templates to guide you along the way. Check the website frequently, as many of these tools will be updated in the coming months. 

We challenge you and your members to become actively engaged in the global movement to elevate the internal audit profession. We have come a long way over the past two decades, and it’s clear that today’s internal auditors are respected and valued much more than their predecessors. However, our work is far from finished! 

We also encourage you to post on our Facebook page the photos of your chapter and individual Awareness Month activities. Follow The IIA on Facebook at www.facebook.com/TheInstituteOfInternalAuditors. Also email your photos and let us know about your activities PR@theiia.org.